Illinois’ Ban on Suppressors is on Borrowed Time

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Today, the American Suppressor Association Foundation (ASA-F) and Silencer Shop helped file a lawsuit against the State of Illinois, alleging that Illinois’ ban on suppressor ownership and possession is an unconstitutional violation of the Second Amendment.

“The American Suppressor Association Foundation has always believed that the Second Amendment protects the right of law-abiding Americans to possess and own suppressors,” said Knox Williams, Executive Director of ASA-F. “After last summer’s Bruen ruling, we knew it was time to get to work on a case that would apply these Second Amendment protections to the States.”

“This case argues that suppressors are covered by the Second Amendment’s protection of the right to keep and bear arms, and that Illinois’ flat-out ban on suppressor ownership is therefore unconstitutional.” said Chris Boeck, ASA-F Board Member and General Counsel of Silencer Shop. “We’re optimistic the courts will agree with our interpretation, and extend the right to own suppressors to the people of Illinois. Suppressors offer critical hearing protection, reduce recoil, and improve accuracy. They facilitate communication and situational awareness while hunting, at the range, and during urgent moments of self-defense. They make firearms safer.”

Williams continued, “the standard of review laid out by the Supreme Court in its Bruen decision last summer requires Illinois to justify its ban on suppressor ownership by showing that the ban is consistent with ‘the Nation’s historical tradition of firearm regulation.’ Since there has never been a nationwide ban on suppressor ownership, and since suppressors are neither dangerous nor unusual, we are confident that Illinois will not be able to justify its ban to the court.”

Illinois’ ban on suppressors is on borrowed time. ASA-F and Silencer Shop are confident that this lawsuit will open up the door to legal suppressor ownership in the Prairie State.

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