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WARNING: If political incorrectness offends you, turn the page now.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- So just how stupid are some Americans?

Could it be that half of our fellow citizens are flat out morons, some so blinded by ideology that they can’t see past their own emotions to make a rational decision but rather fall prey to the whims of hysterical (liberal) dumb asses? Here’s the definition of stupid from Merriam Webster’s Dictionary:

Definition of stupid:

  1. slow of mind: given to unintelligent decisions or acts. B: acting in an unintelligent or careless manner. C: lacking intelligence or reason
  2. dulled in feeling or sensation: still stupid from the sedative
  3. marked by or resulting from unreasoned thinking or acting
    a stupid decision
  4. lacking interest or point
    a stupid event
    the stupid car won’t start

Sadly, the answer to the above questions is: YES, some people are flat out stupid.

Since that’s the case, let’s explore some recent evidence of stupidity as it pertains to those who hate our guns and our freedoms in general. Before I get to those who hate gun rights, let’s start with, oh, say, Leonardo DiCaprio as an example. See, Mr. DiCaprio is a fabulously wealthy celebrity who got famous and rich playing characters on TV and in movies, and some people think that makes him some kind of world expert on everything. That, in and of itself, is proof of someone’s stupidity but let’s dig a little deeper.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Mr. DiCaprio has taken it upon himself, like Al Gore, to tackle “Global Warming.” Some people find that to be a worthy cause and DiCaprio feels he “does something” about the “problem” flying around the world on his private jets dumping tons of carbon into the atmosphere he has sworn to protect, lecturing the world on our wastefulness. Well, some people think he feels that way. He lives in giant mansions that consume tons of energy amassing monthly electric bills that would dwarf the average citizens monthly salary. He hangs around on mega yachts that drink tons and tons of fuel to run those massive twin turbo diesel engines used to power such huge vessels. Merely filling the fuel tanks of those floating palace’s is out of the reach of millions of Americans making respectful six-figure salaries. He is an obvious liar and a hypocrite, but there is no shortage of folks out there who believe this clown gives a sh*t. To me, that is evidence of a certain level of stupidity that must be worked on to achieve.

ow that I’ve given you an example of this level of stupidity, let’s move it to guns, shall we? I can think of no one better to use as a reference than two of America’s most prominent hypocrites in this category, Shannon Watts, and Alyssa Milano.

Alyssa Milano

Let’s start with Alyssa. Recently, Ms. Milano showed up in Dallas a couple of weeks ago with her newly formed group, NoRA with a handful of like-minded protestors to “take on” the National Rifle Association. Ms.Milano was caught on video surrounded by a team of armed security personnel whose job it was to keep her safe from any “crazies” who might want to do her harm. Apparently, Alyssa feels that the best way to do that is to use people carrying guns to do the job. I would agree.

But wait a minute. Hold the boat. Doesn’t the threat of bodily harm or death give Ms.Milano the right to protect herself with guns? Sure it does, I mean, that’s why I carry a gun.

Shannon Watts

Shannon Watts
Shannon Watts

On to Shannon Watts, the phony soccer mom turned “gun-safety” advocate after the atrocity in Newtown, CT who now travels in armed caravans surrounded by billionaire-funded, heavily armed security details. Ms. Watts, in a recent tweet, claimed she had no choice but to be surrounded by guns because crazy gun nuts were continually threatening her life. Fair enough.

But wait a minute. Hold the boat. Like Ms. Milano, even Ms. Watts has the right to defend her life with a gun, right? Heck, that’s the same reason I carry a gun, the difference between the three of us is that I don’t have a billionaire funding a cool gang of armed staff to protect me and I don’t have bags of movie studio money sitting under my bed. (Yet)

So just to be sure, Milano and Watts show up everywhere they go with armed security details with guns to protect them and keep them safe. Like every American, they have a right to be armed to defend themselves. OK, I get that. Apparently, they also get it. But wait a minute. Hold the boat. I forgot to mention that everywhere they go with their armed security details, they are preaching their hatred of guns and gun rights for Americans and actively fighting against the very freedom they seem to be OK with for themselves.

The kicker? Like DiCaprio, Milano and Watts are obvious hypocrites but millions of Americans fall for their shtick. So blinded by their hatred to guns and so partisan in their hatred of the NRA that they have allowed themselves to become stupid.

Here’s what I’ll do. I’ll give those folks the benefit of the doubt and guess that they were born stupid, meaning we should feel sorry for them. I mean, to do otherwise would suggest that these folks were once intelligent beings who are working awful hard to be as stupid as they are.

Aw shucks, forget it. I’m giving them way to much credit.

Mark Walters
Mark Walters

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