“I Support the Second Amendment, BUT…”


Second Amendment But Liars Democrats Fake Lies
“I Support the Second Amendment, BUT…”

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- “I support the Second Amendment, but…”

Common refrain of mendacious gun-grabbers.

Any time a politician uses the word, “but,” he has effectively erased everything he has just said.

I am frustrated with politicians and political groups who pick and choose which parts of our Constitution, particularly our Bill of Rights, they like, and simultaneously pretend pieces that don’t fit their agenda don’t exist and can thus be ignored.

“Due Process,” for example is written in stone, particularly when it comes to the rights of accused violent criminals and illegal aliens.

Due process does not apply to innocent American gun owners, who have never even been accused of a crime.

If it did, “red flag laws” would never see the light of day.

On this issue, even the ACLU has finally found common ground with the NRA. Such a wake-up call for the ACLU required at least some intellectual honesty on their part, something for which the ACLU has never been famous.

Our Fourth Amendment rights are sacred too, for all Americans, except, of course, gun-owners.

And, our Second Amendment rights, as clearly, boldly stated in our Constitution, and reaffirmed by our Supreme Court, still don’t exist in the minds of many who otherwise “like” other parts of our Bill of Rights.

I identify these dishonorable “pick-and-choosers” for what they are: Constitutional criminals.

The presumption of innocence is another fundamental tenet of Western Civilization. It is increasingly abandoned in a rush to enforce orthodoxy. High-minded claims to act in the name of “tolerance,” “compassion,” and “diversity,” are all fluff, a commitment to these principles is purely abstract.

In practice, these Constitutional criminals are cruel, brutish, intolerant bullies, who demand total conformity. Their goal is never to persuade, nor debate. It is to humiliate and vilify all who hesitate to support them. Their ultimate objective is to destroy independent thought.

They are not good people, nor good citizens.


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