Hunting Whitetail Mule Deer in the Sandhills of Nebraska

Hunting Whitetail Mule Deer in the Sandhills of Nebraska
Hunting Whitetail Mule Deer in the Sandhills of Nebraska

( WEST POINT, MS – From Mossy Oak Capture Digital Productions, Episode 11 of “The Obsessed” web series features Kevin Tate and Dustin “Shed” Whitacre as they hunt both whitetails and mule deer in the cold sandhills of Nebraska. Hunting both species of deer is very different adding an interesting twist to the hunt.

“The best way to describe an obsession with the outdoors is to look at the toughest parts of it…. You don’t know how you’re going to make the next step, but you do,” said Tate. “What happens is you’re faced with something you can’t look away from. Those are the times you remember. Those are the times that make you obsessed.”

“It’s like a chess match. When you win that game, it’s the ultimate. It drives you,” said Whitacre.

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