Hunters Stay Mobile with The Tree Stand Buddy

The Tree Stand Buddy® slide-mount system is the fastest, easiest and safest way ever to hang your stand.
The Tree Stand Buddy slide-mount system is the fastest, easiest and safest way ever to hang your stand.
Treestand Buddy
Treestand Buddy

USA-( Avid deer hunters know they have to be mobile. Not only do whitetails change habits based on wind and weather conditions, but they also move to different areas and trails throughout the season as food sources change. They also respond to hunting pressure and learn to avoid stands that are hunted often.

Until the invention of Tree Stand Buddy, being mobile meant one of two choices: using a climbing stand or having a lot of fixed-position stands. Thanks to its innovative bracket system, Tree Stand Buddy allows hunters to have the mobility of a climber with the safety and security of a fixed-position treestand – without purchasing multiple stands.

Climbing treestands have their place in the hunting world. They are great for new areas, or when you’re far from home and don’t have time to scout and hang stands ahead of the hunt. Unfortunately, climbers tend to be loud, bulky and heavy. They are also known to slip and require a good bit of effort to get into place, especially when you’re carrying a lot of gear. Additionally, for a climber to be effective, the tree has to be limbed out which puts the hunter in a less concealed position.

On the other hand, lock-on treestands and ladder steps are more secure and stable, plus they can be used in many trees that can’t or won’t accommodate a climber without limbing out a tree. But who can afford to buy five or six fixed-position stands to leave in the woods at the risk of being stolen, damaged, or vandalized?

With Tree Stand Buddy, hunters can create multiple stand locations that are easy to set up, and can do so at a fraction of the cost of buying additional stands.

Tree Stand Buddy is a solid metal bracket and receiver system. The stand bracket attaches quickly to virtually any single- or double-post lock-on stand. The receiver attaches to the tree with two TSB Ultimate Ratchet straps. Since the receiver is much lighter and smaller than any treestand, it is much easier to attach to a tree.

The tree bracket also includes a hoisting loop that allows you to use a rope to lift your stand into hanging position while you’re still on the ground. Once the stand is at the proper height, simply tie off the rope, climb up and slide the bracket onto the receiver for a rock-solid, sturdy and quiet setup every time. Installing the manufacturer’s straps is now much safer and easier than ever before. While the TSB bracket system involves several steps, it actually makes installing a treestand much safer, faster and easier than trying to perform various tasks simultaneously.

Hunters can now set up as many stand locations as desired or needed by purchasing and installing extra receivers. While hanging a lock-on stand is much easier, the added safety of this system makes it worthwhile even for hunters that only hunt in one location. The ability to take your stand with you when you leave the woods not only helps prevent theft, it also reduces your stand’s exposure to the elements as well as damage from rodents.

From a comfort standpoint, the Tree Stand Buddy system allows you to use your favorite stand for every hunt. It also means you can be confident that your setup will be in the same rock-solid position every time you hunt from a particular spot. Confidence and comfort are both important factors that will lead to more successful hunts and trips to the taxidermist.

Added stability and easier setups from using Tree Stand Buddy are just two of the many benefits that should make the system an essential part of your fall planning. And if your plan includes having multiple setups (and it certainly should if you’re after a big buck), then the real question is why wouldn’t you use Tree Stand Buddy?

Tree Stand Buddy Benefits:

  • Makes it easy to take stands with you and helps eliminate theft
  • Use one stand with an unlimited number of receivers
  • No more carrying stands up and down trees
  • Easier/safer way to install your stand
  • Sturdy and quiet
  • Ensures the same setup every time you hunt a particular location
  • Easy to plan or adapt to prevailing winds or wildlife movement
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