House passes bill allowing display guns for National Law Enforcement Museum (VIDEO)

The national museum honoring America’s law enforcement officers will be able to obtain and preserve firearms under a measure passed by the House this week.

The bill, H.R. 1417, would permit the planned National Law Enforcement Museum in Washington, DC, to acquire, receive, possess, collect, ship, transport, import, and display firearms. Co-sponsored by U.S. Rep. Don Young of Alaska and fellow Republican Tom McClintock of Texas, the proposal passed Tuesday night by a unanimous voice vote.

“H.R. 1417 is a simple, straightforward bill that will treat the National Law Enforcement Museum as if it were a federal museum for purposes of obtaining, transferring and displaying certain classes of firearms,” Young said in a floor speech leading up to the vote.

“The Museum is dedicated to telling the story of American law enforcement by providing visitors a ‘walk in the shoes’ experience,” Young continued. “The Museum is working to expand and enrich the relationship between law enforcement and communities through the Museum’s educational journeys, immersive exhibitions, and insightful programs.”

The NLEM was authorized by Congress in 2000 and is set to open this Fall. The institution currently has some 17,000 artifacts on hand dating from the 1600s to present day including oral histories and collections highlighting the “Untouchables” of Eliot Ness.

“Building and exhibit designs are being finalized. Precious artifacts that reflect the work of law enforcement, past and present, are being collected,” the museum said.

The bill now heads to the Senate for further consideration.

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