Hot Gobbler Optics: Aimpoint Micro H-2 Red Dot Proves Itself on Turkeys


Our test Aimpoint Micro H-2 sits atop the new Savage 220 bolt action shotgun. With Federal Premium TSS loads, we cleanly harvested trophy toms from 16 yards to 53 yards, and the dot size and brightness settings of the Aimpoint were ideal. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

While optics on turkey smoothbores are becoming the norm these days, many hunters — current company included — are reluctant to make the transition. That all changed when we spent a Texas Rio Grande turkey hunt with the Savage Model 220 bolt action shotgun topped with an Aimpoint Micro H-2 red dot. The rest is happy history.

Aimpoint Micro H-2

Though we have always hunted with irons or fiber optic open sights, there’s finally a red dot optic we can get behind for turkey slaying. We had the pleasure of using the Micro H-2’s atop Savage’s 220 bolt action 20-gauge turkey-specific smoothbores, and it worked flawlessly. The sight is classified by the company as a “reflex collimator sight with LED” but to us, it’s a hardcore red dot.

Integral Weaver/Picatinny-style base allows easy mounting on most guns, while Aimpoint offers a half-dozen additional mounts for easy mating with a variety of specific rifles and shotguns. It ships with a set of see-thru, flip-up lens covers and uses stainless steel mount threads for added durability. The housing is anodized aluminum finished in an unassuming matte black.


The Aimpoint Micro H-2 with its 2MOA dot worked perfectly on gobblers. It mounted quickly to the Savage 220’s top rail, though if your gun is not picatinny/Weaver friendly, the company makes a host of other rifle and shotgun mounts. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

This second generation of Micro H-2 is advertised to allow greater light transmission, and while we have not viewed a Gen 1, we had no problem scanning the terrain at dusk and dawn. In addition, the twelve brightness settings were more than ample to master any lighting conditions.

Both windage and elevation adjustments can be made using the top of the protective caps, so no additional tool is required at the patterning board. Sighting in the Savage shotguns with the Aimpoints was a breeze, and we were quickly placing a devastating group at 40 yards. The unlimited eye relief of a such a red dot sight allows even inexperienced shooters to hunt successfully with both eyes open, thus allowing a full and brighter view of the surroundings.

Run-and-Gun Ready

The Micro H-2 — like other Aimpoint optics — is fully waterproof, not just water resistant, and submersible to a depth of 15 feet. Hunters have a choice of 2MOA, 4MOA, or 6MOA dot sizes. We used the 2MOA, which was perfect on both turkeys and the patterning board from 5 to 50+ yards. Larger dot sizes tend to obscure hunting targets, especially at longer ranges. Another boon, especially for the more mobile, run-and-gun hunter, is weight, or in this case, the lack thereof. The H-2 weighs in at only 3.28 ounces bare and 4.79 ounces with the flip covers and additional mounting base, making the Micro H-2 a lightweight addition to most any turkey rig.

Ridiculous Battery Life

Quality doesn’t come cheap, with the Aimpoint Micro H-2 retailing from $717-$812. But get this, the ACET technology using a 3V lithium, type CR 2032 battery allows 50,000 hours of operation on one battery. That’s over five years of continuous use! Twelve brightness settings handle everything from the brightest sun to faded dusk.


Vista Outdoor’s JJ Reich ready to pull the trigger on a gobbler from behind a Surroundview Stakeout blind with the Aimpoint on point. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

There is zero worry about the battery giving out and ruining a hunt, nor about recoil breaking down the optic, which is a common occurrence with lesser sights. This piece is purpose-built for hunters.

Happy Hunting

Next time you find yourself wishing for a quality optic atop that turkey-thumping shotgun, give Aimpoint a look. Even if the Micro H-2 doesn’t fit the bill based on either price or compatibility, there are a number of other optics and mounting options, including a Micro S-1 that attaches directly to the ventilated rib of most shotguns. There’s no concern about lining up the beads or taking odd-angle shots when using a red dot. If you can see the dot and get it on the gobbler’s neck, pull the trigger and the shot should be right on the money. No matter your choice of aiming solution, we at wish you a happy hunting season filled with turkeys in your sights.

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