Homeowner Shoots Man Who Acted Violently & Charged Fiancé

Domestic Dispute Ends with Estranged Husband Shot in Self-Defense, iStock-1300574628
Domestic Dispute Ends with Estranged Husband Shot in Self-Defense, iStock-1300574628

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- On February 4th, 2023, a man entered a home at 15731 Treasure Cove in Tyler, Texas. The homeowner informed deputies the man insisted the homeowner’s truck belonged to him. This initiated a sequence of events that ended in the man’s death by gunfire as the police were on their way.  Sgt Christian gave information to kltv.com:

The homeowner reportedly forcefully removed the intruder from his residence and was able to lock the door.

Before deputies arrived, the homeowner, armed with a shotgun, went outside to check on his truck; the suspect then returned to the property and the homeowner informed him that police were on the way and instructed him to sit down, the release said. The homeowner reported that he believed the suspect was having a mental episode, as he was shouting an unknown female’s name. During this time, the homeowner’s fiancé came outside, and her presence seemed to agitate the suspect, who came toward them aggressively, according to Christian. The homeowner reportedly warned the suspect several times to stop walking toward them or he would shoot, but the suspect allegedly refused and made death threats toward them; as the suspect charged toward the homeowner and his fiancé, the homeowner shot the suspect once in the chest, Christian said.

Despite police efforts to apply CPR on the suspect, he was pronounced dead at the scene. Police investigated and are reported to have identified the dead man as Mark Anthony Correro, 50 years old. Correro was a prominent criminal and civil attorney with law offices in Houston. Tyler is about 180 miles north of Houston.  Mark Correro was a very successful attorney who wrote law articles in various scholarly publications. From justia.com:

Mark Correro is one of the founding members of Correro & Leisure, P.C handling civil litigation cases. He is also a partner at the Houston criminal defense firm Stornello & Correro Law Firm, PLLC. He earned his law degree from South Texas College of Law. During this time, he served as assistant articles editor for the South Texas Law Review and editor for the Texas State Bar’s Construction Law Journal. He has published fourteen scholarly articles in a variety of prestigious publications. In 2013 and 2015, he was selected for inclusion in the list of Texas Super Lawyers, an honor that less than 5% of attorneys receive. Mark is also a member and Fellow of the Texas Bar Foundation.

There is certain to be an investigation into what happened to Mark Correro during the last few days. Prominent attorneys are seldom killed in such bizarre circumstances.

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