Holy Sig P226R clone: The $250 Norinco NP22 (VIDEOS)

Canadian gun vlogger Mike The Vike shows off an easy-to-find 9mm double stack import to the Great North: A Chinese-made P226 clone.

Sold as the Norinco NP22 in Mr. Trudeau’s land of the maples, Mike says the gun is readily available for about $300 Canadian, which is something less than $250 U.S. at the current exchange rate, a fact that makes us very sad. Back in the old days, Norinco 1911 knockoffs were shipped to the states and were pretty popular, but with the importation pipeline severed due to presidential orders, the price point of these guns have since skyrocketed on the collector’s market.

They don’t have the best fit and finish, but as very polite Mike explains, it’s a functional DA/SA pistol that is standard with plastic grips, a chrome-lined barrel and three-dot sights. Bad news though, they are only sold with 10-shot mags in Canada and are, like most of the fun guns, a restricted firearm, which means more paperwork and, well, restrictions for the average gun owner.

Here in the states, of course, we have the Slovenian Arex clones of the P226, which are nice but would be nicer if they were $250.

Other neat-o Norincos in Canada include the CF98, an export version of the polymer-framed QSZ-92 adopted by the Chinese military as their Type 92 service handgun. Larry V takes one for a drive in the below.

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