Help Ohio’s Buckeye Firearms Fight Bloomberg’s Money in Colorado Recall Election

We're in a fight with Mayor Bloomberg and need your help!

Recall John Morse
Help Ohio's Buckeye Firearms Fight Bloomberg's Money in Colorado Recall Election
Buckeye Firearms Foundation
Buckeye Firearms Foundation

Ohio –-( As you may know, Colorado will have a recall election on September 10th 2013 to remove two anti-gun senators from office.

While Buckeye Firearms Association generally focuses on Ohio, this particular election involves New York City Mayor Bloomberg and could have national repercussions. So we're sending 3 BFA leaders to Colorado to help lead the fight and we need your financial support.

Here's the situation:
Democrats in the state of Colorado are being influenced (or more accurately, herded like sheep) by anti-gun outside forces, including unrelenting control freak, Bloomberg. They recently passed a sweeping package of ill-conceived gun and ammo control measures, including radically expanded so-called “universal” background checks and absurd ammunition restrictions.

The two senators facing recall are Democrat legislator and state Senate President John Morse and Senator Angela Giron. These two legislators won office claiming to be “moderate” on gun rights, but have proven themselves to be two-faced on the issue, selling out to New York anti-gun special interests, changing rules to prevent pro-gun residents from voicing their opinion, and driving away firearm businesses.

Magpul Industries is just one example of good businesses who are being forced to abandon the state. Magpul is taking with them 600 jobs and $85 million in state spending.

To give you an idea just how radical these two legislators really are, Morse proposed making firearm owners, sellers, and manufacturers legally liable for any crimes committed with guns, an extreme measure backed (of course) by Bloomberg. Morse and supporters were eventually forced to back down, but this shows you what's at stake in Colorado.

What we need:
Bloomberg is spending $350,000 to keep these turncoats in office. Many other outside forces are also getting involved. As usual, they don't have any grassroots support to speak of. All they have is money and the fervent belief that voters are stupid and easily fooled by deceptive political advertising.

Three of our leaders, Ken Hanson, Sean Maloney, and Linda Walker, will travel to Colorado September 2 through 9 and work with the NRA and local grassroots groups to run a “get out the vote” campaign. Unlike most elections in Colorado, where residents can mail in their votes, this recall election requires voters to show up at the polls. So we believe it's less about money than enthusiasm and hard work.

We need about $7,000 to pay for airfare, lodging, car rental, gas, meals, and miscellaneous other expenses over the 8-day period.

While billionaire Bloomberg can pony up $350,000 without putting a dent in his bottomless wallet, all we're asking from you is $10. You can donate more if you like … $50 or $25 would be highly appreciated. But we think we can get the job done with $10 if we can get enough people to help.

You can make a one-time donation or you can become a Buckeye Defender with a regular, automatic monthly donation of $5 or more.

Why this is important:
It's only on very rare occasions that we venture out of the Buckeye State, and when we do, it's for very good reasons. Colorado is over a thousand miles away, but this special election will affect the gun rights of everyone in the country, including all of us here in Ohio.

Why? Because Bloomberg's strategy is to reach out from his perch in New York City and establish anti-gun strongholds in key states by pumping in money, setting up paid political activists, and subverting the will of locals by changing the course of elections and stuffing legislatures with lackeys who will do his bidding.

If Bloomberg is allowed to go unchallenged, he will repeat this formula to assert his will in state after state. To those who value liberty, he is the most dangerous man in America.

To quote Mike Adams writing at InfoWars, “The ultimate dream of people like Bloomberg is to have a nation of obedient slave workers who are completely disarmed, silenced into submission, and completely stripped of all rights granted under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. All citizens are presumed to be guilty criminals while all government officials are presumed to be wise and all-powerful.”

This is a historic election. Morse and Giron are the first two legislators to be subject to a recall in Colorado's 137 year history. We need to win this battle and send a message that gun owners will not lay down and allow tyrants like Bloomberg to roll over our rights and freedoms. We will all stand together and fight them head on.


Ken, Sean, and Linda will be filing regular reports from Colorado so you can follow their activities. Watch our website for daily updates.

Buckeye Firearms Association is a grassroots political action committee dedicated to defending and advancing the right of Ohio citizens to own and use firearms for all legal activities. Visit:

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