Gunwerks hosts first Precision Rifle Series Match, Monster Steel Challenge

The Monster Steel Challenge will test precision rifle shooters during its two day match. (Photo: Gunwerks)

Gunwerks will host its first Precision Rifle Series Match, the Monster Steel Challenge, to be held in Cody, Wyoming July 28 – 29.

PRS is quickly becoming a hot activity in the world of shooting, with long range shooters flocking to the sport and competitions. The Monster Steel Challenge looks to continue that trend of PRS through its own match dedicated to testing shooters skills.

Gunwerks said the first match day, which will be held at the Cody Shooting Complex, will feature 10 stages in a fast-paced, traditional range set-up. The second day, held at Monster Lake Ranch, will see competitors shooting with a 270-degree fire fan resulting in challenging shots. Those looking to compete will need to provide 200 rounds for both days. This figure does not include ammo needed for sign-in or confirmation shots.

Equipment restrictions are limited to caliber and velocity only, with 3,200 fps being the maximum velocity allowed and calibers restricted to .224 to .308.

“Gunwerks is very proud and excited to be hosting our first-ever Precision Rifle Series right here in our backyard,” Aaron Davidson, Gunwerks founder and CEO, said in a press release. “The courses will be challenging and the vistas that Wyoming will be offering the competitors will be outstanding.”

Registration is now open for the Monster Steel Challenge through Gunwerks with a $250 non-refundable registration fee required to sign-up.


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