Gun Banners Immediately Exploit California School Shooting Tragedy


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Gun Banners Immediately Exploit California School Shooting Tragedy, IMG CRPA

California – -( Thursday’s murderous attack with a handgun by a disturbed 16-year-old student at a high school in Santa Clarita was terrible.

As a father, I grieve, as all good gun owners and humans do, whenever madmen or violent criminals kill innocents. As I think about how much I love my young sons, I cannot begin to imagine the grief the families are experiencing. It’s heartbreaking and terrifying.

But just minutes after the tragedy, before having all the facts and before the ink could dry on the police reports, the gun control zealots exploited the tragedy and started their usual rally cry: “this is why we need more gun control laws!”

Wait… what?

A 16-year-old cannot legally buy a handgun in California – or anywhere in the United States. That’s it. And yet this boy got his hands on one. No doubt we’ll find out how in the upcoming days. Regardless, law-abiding gun owners are (once again) being blamed for the law’s failures, which are all too predictable. Time and again, California’s over 800+ gun laws inevitably fail to make us safe.

I may be criticized for responding to this tragedy so soon, and for calling out the gun ban lobby because THEY immediately made the murders political. But the hypocritical and biassed media doesn’t want our side expressed. If we respond quickly and point of how gun laws failed we are accused of exploiting the tragedy. If we don’t respond quickly we are accused of being insensitive to the victims and conceding the issue. We can’t win with them.

Look, we may have different ideas about how to identify and help people with mental problems or why they occur in the first place. But blaming and shaming law-abiding gun owners and enacting more useless gun control laws in California doesn’t make us safer. As a former prosecutor, I often held the hands of gun violence victims outside the California courtrooms where gun laws and the legal system (I hesitate to call it the ”justice” system) failed them.

CRPA is fighting back against Gavin Newsom’s new gun laws that recently piled more burdensome restrictions on law-abiding gun owners but do nothing to make anyone safer or prevent murders like the tragedy in Santa Clarita. We’re fighting in the courts, at rallies, and anywhere else we can be to show that we are NOT the bad guys! And we are providing training to school and church leaders to prevent attacks.

Right now, we need to raise funds for our Rapid Response fund, to beef up our School and Church Shield programs, and to prepare for the attacks that are going to come from the Left in Sacramento and in court.

Can you help CRPA get this done? We fight best when you stand with us.

I am sincerely hoping and praying for Santa Clarita

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