Gun Banner Weinberg Pushing Mandatory Mental-Health Evaluations for NJ Gun Owner

New Jersey Democrat & Gun Banner Loretta Weinberg
New Jersey Democrat & Gun Banner Loretta Weinberg

New Jersey Second Amendment Society

New Jersey -( At a recent press conference, Democrat Party Legislative “LeadersSenator Loretta Weinberg and Assemblyman Lou Greenwald condemned Governor Chris Christie’s recent gun law changes.

Leaders like Weinberg and Greenwald were condemned last month by Marc Cooper, a contributing editor to The Nation magazine and recently retired journalism professor at USC’s Annenberg School:

“Most of the underpinnings of ‘gun violence’ reforms are based on skewed assumptions, mixed with a sometimes shocking dose of ignorance on the part of policymakers, re-enforced by a media class that cannot often tell one end of a gun from the other.”

While being surrounded by dozens of armed guards and astroturf “activists” Senator Weinberg and Assemblyman Greenwald touted that more guns will not discourage crime or make you safer and that they will do everything in their power to reverse Governor Christies recent actions. Comical coming from two people who love being in a building with hundred of guns; the fact is they love guns–but only when they are being protected by them.

Ironically, Weinberg and Greenwald brand themselves as “champions” for women’s rights, when they are knowingly advocating for women to be completely defenseless and become the victims of violent criminals.

Let me be very clear: Weinberg and Greenwald’s insane logic and policies are the only reason why Carol Bowne and countless other women throughout New Jersey are victims today. They are actually willing to let innocent women be murdered by violent criminals (who could care less about the law) so that they get to make a theatrical and solipsistic fashion statement.

Throughout (normal and free) America tens of millions of women carry a firearm for their protection for the same reason Carol Bowne wanted to; because at 5′ tall and 90lbs she knew she had zero chance of physically defending herself against her psychotic ex-boyfriend who was 6’5″ and 280lbs.

If Carol lived in any other state we can assure she would be alive today.

Senator Weinberg also made the ridiculous statement that the new regulation changes will allow anyone “living or working in a high-crime neighborhood to qualify for a firearm permit.” Let’s be clear. We all know what “high-crime neighborhood” is code for. We all know who Senator Weinberg wants to deny the right of self-defense.

While Senator Weinberg lives in a lavish gated community protected by armed guards, she once again advocates making the poor and working class even bigger victims by not allowing themselves the basic right to protection. They are quick to force their flawed and pro-criminal logic on every New Jerseyan by promising “safety” and making the choice for us on how we can protect ourselves, while giving themselves complete immunity in the event someone (i.e. criminals and violent felons) do not subscribe to their utopia. For those who do not know you cannot sue the State or public entities (i.e. police, etc) for lack of protection (N.J.S.A. 59:5-4).

Every year in New Jersey hundreds of innocent people living in “high-crime neighborhoods” are murdered because of one simple reason: Senator Weinberg. Does she hate guns or just blacks and hispanics with guns? Just remember that in the late 1960’s, when the lion’s share of New Jersey’s draconian gun laws were adopted, who were they aimed at? When the NJ Legislature said, “We have to keep guns out of the hands of those people.” Who were “those people”? Here is a clue: it was during the Newark Riots.

If you are not convinced these were the main reasons feel free to watch this short documentary featuring Senator Weinberg’s brand of racism:

Weinberg’s statement was *VERY* personal to me because the very reason I became extremely active with the Second Amendment was because I personally witnessed a murder, while walking to my apartment, when I lived in Newark (

If you live in a “high-crime neighborhood” that is more reason to carry a gun for self-defense, not less! To make matters worse those teenage criminals who murdered the father walking home 20 feet away from me did so for no other reason aside from being “bored.” I lost several nights of sleep knowing if I had walked slightly slower that night, or read one more text message, those criminals would have crossed my path. Senator Weinberg has no clue the terror people live under, in “high-crime neighborhoods.”

In conclusion, Senator Weinberg and her cronies have been pushing mandatory mental-health evaluations if you own or want to purchase a firearm; after this political stunt it is obvious who needs a mental-evaluation and who is responsible for the hundreds of senseless murders committed by violent criminals against defenseless victims.

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