Grassroots push back against bipartisan bump stock ban

A We The People petition asking the White House to protect Second Amendment rights while urging a rebuff of a House gun control measure is being backed by popular gun culture figures.

The petition, started Wednesday, urges HR. 3999 be rejected and “subsequently give law-abiding firearm owners their constitutional rights back, including a repeal of the NFA.”

The petition goes on to urge the White House, “Protect the second amendment and prevent it from being infringed upon as our founding fathers clearly stated,” and “Punish those who violate any part of the constitution with the full extent of the law, including political figures.”

The legislation at the subject of the petition was introduced by a mixed group of Republicans and Democrats in the House this week and currently has 25 co-sponsors.

The bill, though only three pages, is sweeping in its language, barring the production or possession of any gun part or parts that increase the rate of fire of a semi-automatic rifle without converting it to the legal definition of a machine gun. This would potentially include not only the now-vilified stocks but also various binary or modified triggers and cranks which are currently legal.

Urging support of the petition and/or rejection of HR. 3999 are popular YouTube gun channel personalities Hickok45, the Military Arms Channel and Sootch00. NRA commentator and pew-pew life advocate Colion Noir posted a similar call to action on his social media.

As of Friday morning, the petition has just over 10,000 signatures and needs 100,000 by Nov. 10 in order to qualify for a response from the White House.

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