Got Fire Wood? – Shield Tactical Survival Series Part 4

By Oscar Mike

Shield Tactical
Shield Tactical

Shiner, Texas –-( In the previous article, we discussed various methods for starting a fire.

In this article, I will cover proper preparing, starting and sustaining a fire, as well as information on the basic application of specific types of fires. Not all fires are the same. Different preparation and fuels are needed to produce differing levels of heat, light, and fuel sustainability in your fire.

One of the more overlooked aspects of starting a fire is preparation.

One can’t just go about willy-nilly and throwing sparks onto logs to create fire. It just doesn’t work that way. Starting a fire takes careful planning and gathering of materials to ensure success. If you don’t have the energy to do things twice or you see inclement weather rolling in and you’re short on time, proper preparation may save you from having to endure a cold night.

Tinder – The most important element to starting any fire is tinder. Without good tinder no amount of spark or friction-produced ember will be useful. Tinder comes in many different forms from natural to synthetic and may or may not include additives. This is the base fuel needed to start your fire and it will provide the first flames which you’ll apply to your kindling.

Kindling – The second element of producing a sustainable fire is kindling. Types of kindling can vary from unaltered pieces of fuel such as small sticks and pine duff, to prepared pieces like feather sticks and artificial fire starter sticks. Kindling provides the first base of flames strong enough and long-lasting enough to light your main source of fuel.

Fuel Wood – This is the last fuel step of your fire. Depending on the type of wood you choose you can dictate how hot your fire burns, how bright it…

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