GOA Welcomes Oklahoma to the Constitutional Carry Club

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GOA Welcomes Oklahoma to the Constitutional Carry Club

Springfield, VA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Gun Owners of America (GOA) celebrates Oklahoma for becoming the 16th permitless carry state in America.

“Kudos to Gov. Kevin Stitt for signing GOA-supported legislation that allows citizens to carry concealed without seeking prior permission from the government,” GOA Executive Director Erich Pratt said. “I thank all the GOA activists who spoke up in support of this bill.”

Gun Owners of America mobilized the grassroots in the state in favor of HB 2597 — and some of the GOA alerts are viewable here, here and here. GOA is also thankful to the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association for their valuable 2A support inside the state.

Oklahoma is the second state to enact Constitutional Carry this year. South Dakota joined the Constitutional Carry club in January, after Gov. Kristi Noem signed legislation that GOA had been actively pushing.

“The good news from Oklahoma and South Dakota only scratches the surface,” Pratt said. “Gun rights are advancing at a faster rate than gun restrictions are in this country — although the mainstream media usually chooses to ignore positive stories like this one.”

Oklahoma now joins the other 15 Constitutional Carry states: Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming — and most of Arkansas and Montana. By comparison, there was only one permitless carry state in 2000 — that being Vermont.

Erich Pratt, or another GOA spokesman, is available for interviews. Gun Owners of America is a nonprofit lobbying organization dedicated to protecting the right to keep and bear arms without compromise. GOA represents over 2 million members and activists.

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