Gear Review: T3 Bolt Bag (VIDEO)

A “go bag” for last-minute missions or rough duty at the range needs to be tough. T3 Gear makes its Bolt Bag just that way. I recently dragged (literally one time) a Bolt Bag along on a training trip in rough desert conditions. Upon return, the Bolt Bag was still looking right and ready—unlike me!

This bag is medium size—10 inches tall, 13 inches wide, and 6 inches deep.  It weighs 1 pound; 11 ounces. The outside layer is 500 weight Cordura, making it abrasion resistant and lending a stiff feel until it’s broken in. Inside, it’s lined with 250 denier, making lt less abrasive. It’s coated with a non-glare finish. To carry it, use the removable, adjustable shoulder strap, made of nylon webbing, or attach it to a pack with the two Velcro loops on the back.

Also on the outside is MOLLE webbing, another way to make the Bolt Bag a component of a setup for carrying gear. What’s not up front is any visible branding or loop material space for attaching patches. In this way, the Bolt Bag—as long as it’s not overstuffed–can masquerade as a non-tactical messenger bag if a low profile is needed.

The Bolt Bag is durable and good for both carbine and pistol work. (Photo: Eve Flanigan/

Just under the flap are three mag pouches with firm elastic webbing for retention. Each pouch can hold two typical 30-round AR/M4 magazines. The capacity of this bag for ammo/mag organization is great, but I learned that the bag needs to be packed with equally or more heavy items in the internal pockets or it’ll tip forward when mags are its primary load.

Inside the large compartment is a radio holster, a plethora of loops for pens, markers, etc., and a stretchy lanyard. The third compartment conceals a Velcro-on, T-style pistol holder and matching pouch for two mags. Both can be moved and will stay in place inside the pocket, thanks to its loop material lining.

In the time that I’ve used the Bolt Bag, the outer material has started to become softer and more pliable as promised, at least on the flap where it’s had the most wear. When it was laid on dusty ground, the fine dirt tended to cling. The no-shine texture invites this.

Inside are three compartments and lots of storage amenities. (Photo: Eve Flanigan/

This is a bag that will take a lot of weight. Close observation of the stitching shows it’s received more than one, possibly even three passes of the sewing machine at all critical junctures. It would require the wearer to be equally strong when using it as an attachment to a backpack, or when attaching other heavy gear to its MOLLE. It is, as the catalog describes, “made to abuse.”

T3 Gear is entirely American made, and comes with a lifetime warranty. In a world filled with products that advertise at everyone without their consent, I love its plain and simple look. In addition to the khaki color of the sample in this article, it comes in black, olive drab, desert digital, multicam, and ABU tiger. Considering this, and the stout construction of the Bolt Bag, it’s fairly priced at $89.86.

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