Gas Station Designs To Blame For Deaths – This Week on Gun For Hire Radio #406

Christian Times Magazine Anthony P. Colandro
Christian Times Magazine Anthony P. Colandro

New Jersey – -( This week on Gun For Hire Radio… News Flash, gas station designs are to blame for deaths at the pump! Not the needle in the junkies arm! We also discuss Governor Freestuff’s poll tax to only allow the rich to own guns in NJ.

Hey now, who is that dashing young fellow on the cover of the March 2019 issue of Christian Times Magazine? Is that the new James Bond sporting a Glock 43? Why no, it’s none other than our favorite Capitalist Marksman, Anthony Colandro. Also, did you know that fatal accidents are no longer the fault of the compromised or incapacitated driver, it’s the design of the gas station that’s at fault!! Are progressive liberals implying that Architects and Civil Engineers are to blame for drivers under the influence, murdering innocent people? Buckle up and hold on tight for this week’s episode of Gun For Hire Radio, because Sandy and Anthony are pissed and THEY’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!

Did we mention that TacTissy the Gun Girl, Jimmy G the Gun Guy, and Anthony are huge fans of the NRA annual meeting, and they will all be there this year. There are seminars and networking events, it’s way better than the Shot Show (which is more for vendors than consumers), and it’s free for NRA members! Go to for the official website for the NRA National Meeting. We may even watch as Anthony is inaugurated to the Board of Directors!

Time is almost up, but so many Second Amendment advocates have endorsed Anthony Colandro for NRA Board of Directors, and Anthony sends a big thank you to all of you. If you didn’t get your ballot, call the NRA! Now remember fellow patriots, NRA lifetime members in good standing, can vote for the NRA Board Members. The NRA didn’t nominate him, but Anthony can still run on petition, and that’s where we are focused. The NRA Board is country-wide, so you can vote for Anthony no matter where you live. While you’re at it make sure to join the ANJRPC and CNJFO, too. These are groups that are focused on preserving the Second Amendment, and you owe it to yourself to support them! You can donate to the ANJRPC court cases by going to:

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March for Murphy is on March 26, 2019, in Trenton, New Jersey. Go to their Facebook page for the latest info on Facebook or for more on how to participate in the march against our very own “Guv’nah Carpetbagger” and the recall efforts to date. You can also get swag for the event at to show off your support for the recall. Do your part! If you don’t like Murphy, his nonsensical weather overreactions, his ability to garner disdain from his own political party, his gross overreach of the New Jersey statutory laws, and his trite comments and juvenile petulance against the biggest proponent of your 2A rights, then JUST SHOW UP! Show Trenton that we have a viable constituency that rebukes the current Gubernatorial administration. Anthony will print your flyers, share your social media and do whatever it takes for you to participate in this march. Don’t be an #SMP come out and show your support!

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