Full Conceal debuts Micro Roni, new Glock versions at TriggrCon 2018 (VIDEO)

Full Conceal showed up to TriggrCon 2018 with some new foldable guns for everyone to see. They have been shipping their M3 Glock 19 version since November last year. This year they showed up to TriggrCon showing off their new models of foldables, the Glock 43 version and the new Ploymer 80 version as well.

“It’s designed to take away all the compromises of concealed carry. It’s safer to carry because our propitiatory trigger will not allow you to fire while it’s in transport mode.” a rep from Full Conceal told Guns.com at the event. The trigger is the big innovation on this product, and with it breaking to go into transport mode I was skeptical as to how it would fire. I was pleasantly surprised on the range line though to find that it felt  both comfortable and reliable. I would even say for me it functioned better than your standard factory Glock trigger. This would require significant training if you wanted to carry it as a primary weapon, but for those always hunting a deeper concealment this would be a great gun to look into.

Speaking of deeper concealment, the Full Conceal also rolled out their newest foldable, a collaboration with CAA, the Micro Roni. The original Micro Roni is quite small, but if you want to fit it in the smallest of backpacks you’ll need the Full Conceal version. You can expect to see those hit shelves in Q4 of this year.

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