Florida’s Largest Pro Gun Rally Set For Saturday, July 28 at Capitol

The Big Pro-Gun Rally
The Big Pro-Gun Rally

Florida – -(Ammoland.com)- Three Major Gun Related Events Merge Together on Saturday, July 28, 2018:

Three major gun-related events merge together on Saturday, July 28, 2018, at the Capitol, in Tallahassee.

“The Big Pro-Gun Rally” – billed as “the largest pro-gun rally in Florida history” with top speakers from around the nation; the anti-gun “March for Our Lives”; and the no-compromise pro-Second Amendment Utah Gun Exchange “Freedom Tour”. All of these events give both gun owners and anti-gunners a chance to support their respective choices.

“The Big Pro-Gun Rally” [www.thebigprogunrally.com] takes place at the Capitol Courtyard beginning at noon with musical entertainment provided by singer/guitarist Gene Loy. Then the big guns begin to roll out at 2:00 pm, with fourteen of the top pro-gun speakers in the nation including Erich Pratt , executive director of Gun Owners of America; Hickok45 with 3.5 million YouTube followers; Mark Keith “I am the Majority” Robinson of viral YouTube fame; Kaitlin Bennett the AR10 Kent State gal; Jon Gutmacher, rally organizer and author of the Florida Firearms book with over 235,000 copies sold; Erin Palette, founder of Operation Blazing Sword, the LGBTQ pro-gun training organization; and there will also be performances by country recording artist Krystal Walters, and Josh Taylor who’s first Nashville album releases in September.

It’s an event expected to draw over two thousand attendees, and it’s free. If you’re a gun owner, it’s the place to be.

The March for Our Lives will also be meeting in Tallahassee at the same time, primarily to sign up voters for their political agenda, although the location of their event has not yet been disclosed. The Utah Gun Exchange, “Freedom Tour” which has been appearing at all March for Our Lives events to present a contrary Second Amendment viewpoint, will be joining up with “The Big Pro-Gun Rally” at the Capitol Courtyard at the July 28 rally, specifically to celebrate its Second Amendment message. It’ll be one heck of a rally, and an event that shouldn’t be missed.

[This update was provided by “The Big Pro-Gun Rally” – Jon Gutmacher, rally coordinator, and spokesperson: gutlaw@gmail.com – Phone: 407-279-1029 ]