Fireside Chats Episode 20: Dr Miguel A Faria Jr

U.S.A.-( Dr. Miguel A. Faria Jr. was born in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba. His parents were members of the Revolutionary Directorate (DRE) under Rolando Cubela. The DRE took part in the Cuban Revolution to overthrow Fulgencio Batista.

Unlike Casto’s revolutionaries, the DRE was staunchly anti-communist. The DRE wanted to return Cuba to a constitutional Democracy, but the media covered Casto instead due to his charisma. The DRE was fighting in the cities as Castro’s communist rebels were fighting in the countryside.

After the revolution, Faria and his family saw the true nature of communism. Under the watchful eye of Cuba’s State Security, Faria and his father would flee the communist island by traveling through several Caribbean islands before coming to the United States.

Faria would make the most out of his adopted homeland and become a renowned neurosurgeon specializing in brain surgery. He has authored over 200 medical, scientific, and professional articles. He has written several non-fiction books.

Dr. Faria stood up to the CDC’s politically biased gun research. Faria felt that the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control’s (NCIPC) program on gun violence was biased against gun owners. He testified in front of Congress about the CDC only publishing research blaming guns.

Dr. Faria talks about his escape from Cuba with his father. He talks about being hunted by the Castro regime. He also goes into the dangers of Communism and the warning signs he sees in the US as we head down that road.

Dr. Faria also covers Che Guevara. He breaks down the real Che and explains how the revolutionary icon was nothing more than a murderous thug. Dr. Faria describes how the left has bought into a lie about Che. He does into details about Che’s war crimes and how Che would murder children.

Dr. Faria also covers the anti-gun bias in the medical field. He explains the issues he has with the American Medical Association (AMA) and their anti-gun agenda. He tells us how the AMA went from a doctors organization to a propaganda machine.

Dr. Faria sacrificed his career to protect liberty and stand up to the anti-gun bullies. He explains why it was worth it for him. His testimony in front of Congress was critical in getting public money out of the CDC’s anti-gun research.

Dr. Faria will also be speaking at GOA’s Gun-A-Thon that is taking place in Ashburn, VA, on April 25th.

America, Guns, and Freedom is his latest book will be released on October 1st, 2019.


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