Firefield adds AR Multi-Tool to arsenal of accessories

The AR Multi Tool from Firefield offers 15 tools in one package. (Photo: Firefield)

Firefield expands its series of firearm accessories, adding the new AR Multi Tool to its inventory.

The AR Multi Tool combines commonly used tools into an all-in-one package for easy carrying and maintenance on the AR-15 platform. The 15-in-1 multitool offers pliers, wire cutters and hammer surface in addition to tools allowing users to mount scopes and parts and make adjustments for windage and elevation.

The tool also comes with a bolt scraper for quick and easy maintenance of basic bolts as well as a bit driver with four bits, large flat head, hex wrench, bottle opener, flat knife, small knife, cotter pin puller and metal pick.

The multi tool offers spring-loaded locking tools. (Photo: Firefield)

Crafted from a durable metal, the AR Multi Tool features spring-loaded locking tools that can be opened with a single hand and remain in the open position during use. The tool tips scales at just over 14 ounces and ships in a carrying pouch for easy toting in a range bag.

“You don’t need an entire box of tools to perform simple maintenance on your AR15, just one AR Multi-Tool from Firefield will do the trick,” Firefield said in a statement. “This versatile, 15-in-1 multi-tool is able to help perform gun cleaning, gun maintenance and optic/accessory mounting tasks on any AR platform firearm.”

The AR Multi Tool is available from Firefield with a retail price of $39.

The multi tool comes with a carrying pouch. (Photo: Firefield)

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