Fiocchi’s 12 Gauge Hi-Velocity Shells Exceed Hunters Expectations

Fiocchi's 12 Gauge Hi-Velocity Shells Exceed Hunters Expectations
Precise Engineering Allows Wingshooters to Make Contact Even on the Most Demanding Shots

FIOCCHI Ammunition

Ozark, MO – -( When hunters shopping for ammunition see the name “Fiocchi” on the package, they have come to know that these are not ordinary ammunition products. And the Fiocchi family will have it no other way the company has lived up to its more than 130-year reputation of producing only the best quality ammunition products in the manufacture of its 12 Gauge Hi-Velocity product line.

Fiocchi's 12 Gauge Hi-Velocity Shells

Fiocchi's legendary 12 gauge Hi-Velocity shot shells feature high brass cases for extra strength, pre-fractured wads that ensure the tightest patterns possible with minimum deformation, the most reliable primers and the best available powders carefully selected to deliver truly impressive high velocity. When considering quality versus value in choosing hunting shot shells, savvy wingshooters need look no further than Fiocchi's Hi-Velocity line — as it provides both quality and value.

If a hunter's limit isn't being filled, perhaps it might not be his or her shooting skills that are at fault   it may be the holes in the hunter's shooting pattern. Fiocchi loads its 12 Gauge Hi-Velocity line to deliver true and consistent patterns that a wingshooter can count on.

Fiocchi's 12 Gauge Hi-Velocity shotshells are available in 12 gauge 2-3/4 shells, and contain 1-1/4 ounce of 3% antimony chilled lead shot. These loads, which are available in shot sizes of 4, 5, 6, 7-1/2, 8 and 9, deliver the exceptional high velocity of an astounding 1,330 fps.

For more information on Fiocchi's 12 Gauge Hi-Velocity shot shell ammunition or Fiocchi's full line of rifle, pistol, rimfire, shotshell and unique rounds contact: Fiocchi Ammunition, 1662 Nevada Way, Boulder City, Nevada, 89005 702-293-6174 or visit .

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