Federal to Launch Custom Shop This Summer


Federal will offer more options to consumers this summer with the launch of its Custom Shop. (Photo: Federal)

Federal kicks personalization to the next level, unveiling plans to open its own Custom Shop for ammo fans looking for more control over their loads without the handloading headaches.

The Federal Custom Shop will allow consumers to choose among variations to create hand-loaded options for both shotshell and centerfire rifle offerings. Federal will provide a variety of bullet options to include Federal, Nosler, Sierra, Berger, Swift and more. Additionally, custom TSS Shotshells will be available for turkey, waterfowl and upland game.

A Federal rep told Guns.com that the Custom Shop will consist of products not listed in the catalog. If the company has the components and capability to custom build it “they may build it for you.” The Custom Shop will still adhere to SAAMI guidelines and safety standards to ensure the best and safest experience for shooters. Federal says the virtual shop will have a list of options for consumers to choose, but that this experience is not for wildcat builds.

Each Custom Shop round will be hand-loaded by a team of engineers and experts in Federal’s state-of-the-art reloading workshop in Anoka, Minnesota. Federal says the team not only builds the ammo to order but also quality checks at every stage to ensure consistent velocity, accuracy and the best performance. Loads are also checked in the final stages and cleaned before shipping in custom-packed, personalized packaging making the whole process unique from start to finish.

Though the Custom Shop will launch later this summer, Federal encourages ammo consumers to sign up for its e-newsletter to get the most up-to-date information on the launch of the shop.

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