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Everyday carry gear montages or “EDC Pocket Dumps” are all the trend these days and in uncertain times like ours it is money well spent to be prepared and remain dangerous.

Everyday Carry The Outdoorsman
Everyday Carry The Outdoorsman

Grinnell, Iowa – -(Ammoland.com)- Don’t get a firearm that fits your backpack, get a backpack that fits your firearm.

This Vertx backpack model has enough storage compartments to hide this gear and a lot more for an extended outing.

Place your choice of 1911 pistol inside the pack or on your person. With the right clothing, no one will notice you’ve got your favorite EDC (everyday carry) pistol while on a camping trip or a day outdoors.

There’s enough stealth EDC gear here to satisfy novice through experienced gun owners who enjoy being outside.

Like what you see? Here is the The Outdoorsman EDC Package product break down:

1.) Vertx EDC Gamut Backpack

PRICE: $180
ITEM NO: 100-017-421
NOTES: You might be tempted to save a few bucks and carry your ccw pistol or bug-out supplies in one of those Jansport backpacks that your kids take to school, but there are no shortcuts to effective edc gear. The gamut got its name because there’s really no purpose it can’t hold up to. The 28-liter capacity, full-fold loop-lined concealment draw frame, and pockets galore give you the flexibility to carry any number of EDC essentials whether you’re packing for vacation, a discrete day out, or a full-blown emergency. Its professional look works at the office just as well as on a hike.

2.) Oakley Standard Issue – SI Batwolf Glasses With Cerakote

PRICE: $171
ITEM NO: 105-300-011
NOTES: You only get one pair of eyes, so you’d best pony up for eyewear that you can depend on, lest you regret it. Oakley and Cerakote are two names we’re sure you’re familiar with and they’ve partnered to bring you glasses that are just as fashionable, durable, and practical off the range, as they are on it. available in Cobalt, Desert Sage, or Green frames with Tungsten or Black single lenses, the Batwolf comes with dual cam hinges and a three-point fit to keep them snug on your mug.

3.) SureFire Titan Plus

PRICE: $90
ITEM NO: 152-000-149
NOTES: Using one alkaline or NIHM AAA battery, the Titan gets its name by emitting a blinding 300 lumens on high mode. The quick-detach ring and removable pocket clip make it a versatile little light for about as many carry options as you can think of.

4.) Swiss Tech Micro-Max Xtreme

PRICE: $19
ITEM NO: 100-016-709
NOTES: The big brother of the Micro-Max 19-in-1 is the Xtreme. We’re astounded they were able to pack 22 tools into this little devil. Get the same features as the 19-in-1 with two closed-end wrenches instead of hex wrenches, as well as 4, 5, and 6mm Allen drivers. Who knows, with one of these you might never need to visit a hardware store again.

5.) SOG Knives Trident Elite

PRICE: $70
ITEM NO: 100-016-858
NOTES: The trident was the three-pronged spear used by neptune, so a knife of the same name should be as serious as what the roman god of the sea would carry — and it is. Its assisted opening mechanism, glass breaker, and slot cutter give you peace of mind by having an array of safety features. The rubber inserts on a nylon handle will ensure a firm grip while wielding the 3.7″ blade. At 8.7″ overall length, it’s one serious knife for the serious EDC shopper.

6.) Milt Sparks Holsters Semi-Auto Summer Special 2

PRICE: $108
ITEM NO: 728-002-193
NOTES: We haven’t forgotten about you 1911 guys. This classic leather IWB holster has an open top for quick draw, is wet molded for excellent retention, and the rough-side-out texture grips clothing to prevent shifting. A protective back flap also keeps the thumb safety from snagging on clothing or the slide from digging into your ribs. This particular model is for an officer’s model 1911 with a 3.5″ barrel, but others lengths are available as well as glock models.

7.) Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

PRICE: $45
ITEM NO: 385-000-041
NOTES: Maybe they should’ve named it “the write stuff,” but either way, it takes notes, has a glassbreaking tip design, is made from cerakoted machined steel, and will accept a rite in the rain ink cartridge. The impromptu is putting the balls back in ballpoint pens.