European Vacation Hidden Meanings

By John Farnam

European Vacation
European Vacation Hidden Meanings
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( “In their vanity, men focus on what they wish to hear and miss the hidden meaning, the lurking threat.” ~ David Hewson

International travel:

On 31 May 16 2016, our Department of State updated its “Travel Alert for Europe. ”

It warns US citizens traveling to, and within, Europe of the high potential of terrorist attacks. Of course, they don’t actually say “Islamic terrorist attacks,” but we all know that is what they mean!

Major events, tourist sites, tourist hotels, restaurants frequented by tourists, commercial centers, and mass transportation hubs are all mentioned at danger points.

Specifically enumerated are:

  • European Soccer Championship in France
  • Tour de France
  • Catholic Church’s “World Youth Day” in Poland

Naturally, the State Dept does not warn against travel to these areas, but instead encourages US citizens to “exercise vigilance,” It also advises that travelers can expect “additional security screening” and occasional “disruptions to travel.”


Let’s translate the foregoing into plain English:

Islamics are aggressively taking over all of Europe, and they’re doing it via well-planned and executed terrorist attacks on non-Moslems, particularly American tourists. They know much of Europe depends heavily on tourism, and scaring tourists away, particularly Americans, is a good way to impoverish, and thus weaken, the entire continent.

Europeans also know it, all too well! But, their cynical, elected leftist leaders are far more interested to garnering Islamic votes than they have ever been in protecting their own citizens (much like the BHO Administration).

Reading our State Dept’s warning between the lines, it is obvious what they ’re really trying to say: International travel, particularly to Europe, is extremely dangerous right now, and thus not recommended.

Stay out of there!


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