Emotional Economy of Mass Murder, New Gun Rules Won’t Mean Sh*t


Armed citizens were the First-Responders during the 2013 attack at Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya. The man pointing is wearing a patch for the sport shooting organization.

U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- Mass murderers know something most of us don’t know. These murderers figured out that they can break the rules.

They know they can do anything they want..for a while. No one will stop the murderer until people with guns arrive. Murderers get those 11 minutes of freedom to break the rules and to kill at will. Murderers enjoy the thrill of having their way with innocent people. They love the last free acts they will ever have. Murderers are thrilled by the notoriety that they get from the mass media..even if they never live to see it.

Murderers figured out that the rest of us obey the rules while they don’t have to obey the rules ever again. Mass murderers figured out that we are disarmed in “gun-free” zones. Murderers figured out that all we will do after they kill is create more rules.

Here is what murderers know.. and what most of us don’t want to know;

The next mass murder is already planning to break those new rules.

Go ahead and make more laws. We have 23 thousand firearms regulations already. Make all the new rules you want. For a mass murderer, rules are made to be broken, the more the better.

That is the open secret of the mass murderer. That is also the guilty secret of the politician. Both of them know that new rules won’t stop the next mass murder. Neither the murderer nor the politician cares that the next rule won’t stop the killing. Both are in it for the fame, and mass murder puts them on camera.

Stopping the next murderer is up to us. Government can’t do it, though politicians will lie to us and say they can. No government on earth has the power to stop mass murder; neither the US government nor any government anywhere around the world. That fact is sitting in front of you. We have mass murder in China and Mexico, and they are “gun-free” countries where honest citizens are disarmed.

Law enforcement won’t be there when the next murder starts. We own those minutes until the police arrive. Those are the new rules we live by.

Many of us want politicians to lie to us and tell us that the next rule will fix everything. It won’t.

Many of us will pretend that the next rule will make us safe. In fact, the next rules will probably make things worse rather than better. The next rules will make it easier for the mass murderer to kill more people. The reason is simple. Only honest people follow the rules. Disarming the good guys makes it easier for the bad guys to kill. That unavoidable truth is as simple as it is unpleasant.

  • Go ahead and make your stores into “gun-free” zones. Murderers don’t care about plastic signs.
  • Go ahead and make your churches into “gun-free” zones where parishioners are disarmed. Murderers don’t care.
  • Go ahead and pretend that new ink on paper will stop a murderer with a gun. That is exactly what murderers want.

Do what you’ve always done after a mass murder. No one will stop you. You have that freedom, but before you relax and think that a new rule made you safe..

That sigh if relief you thought you heard.. was the next mass murderer laughing at your rules.

I want you to be safer rather than to feel safe. Learn the difference. Millions of us learned that bitter truth and choose to protect our family until the police arrive. Carry everywhere and always.

Please stay safe.

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