Driver Shoots 17-Year-Old Accused In Armed Robbery

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USA –-( WTHI TV 10 reports 05-20-19 in Terre Haute, Indiana, an attempted robbery turned into a shooting at a Terre Haute apartment complex on Monday.

The shooting happened near 19th Street in the Greenwood Manor Apartment complex. Terre Haute Police Department reported a cabbie from First Choice Cab picked up a fare in downtown and drove him to Greenwood Manor to drop him off.

That is when the 17-year-old passenger pulled a gun and tried to rob the driver. The cab driver pulled out a gun and shot the would-be robber.

Terre Haute Police Public Information Officer Ryan Adamson said, “The cab driver pulled out a gun and shot the suspect. The suspect took off. He was located by our uniform division, is in custody (and) he is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries at a local hospital”.

He will be charged as an adult for armed robbery, and there are no other suspects involved. The cab driver was not hurt.

Adamson told News 10 the cab driver does not face any charges at this time.


A clearly a good shoot, it would save lives if all qualified public drivers to could carry firearms if they choose too.

Commercial drivers, cabbies, limos or Uber types here in Las Vegas are not permitted any defensive tools, but cameras installed to protect the drivers.

The result is their murders are recorded! I expect the drivers and their families think that is really helpful!

Bob Irwin, Las Vegas

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