Do Democrat Gun Owners Believe Democrat Politicians?

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U.S.A. –-( Most democrat gun owners support the right to keep and bear arms. There was a time when the Democrat party did too. Unfortunately, that changed decades ago. Today, gun-control and civilian disarmament is all but the official Democrat party position. Do gun-owning democrats believe their own politicians? Even if their particular candidate hasn’t asked to confiscate guns today, he will vote with a party that champions “compensated confiscation” and adding more gun control to the tens of thousands of firearms regulations we already have.

Arizona- Democrat Senator Mark Kelly said, “It is fu##ing nuts” not to pass more gun-control laws after the murders at a grocery store in New York and at a school in Texas. Kelly didn’t comment on the fact that the sites of those attacks were “gun free” zones where ordinary citizens were disarmed by law. Kelly says that the police should be armed and we should not. Senator Kelly ignored that hundreds of police officers stood outside an unlocked classroom door while children were being murdered in Uvalde, Texas. Senator Kelly didn’t comment on the hundred-thousand times a year that honest citizens use a long gun to defend themselves.

Georgia- Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock voted to ban modern rifles. Fortunately, that provision did not have enough support to pass the US Senate. The bill he supported would fund cameras in schools, but money could not be spent to put more armed police officers or armed school staff on campus. Senator Warnock wants armed security for himself and for his family but denies it for our children. Warnock received a “strong endorsement” from the Giffords gun-control organization.

Nevada- Democrat Senator Catherine Masto was a co-sponsor of the bill that encouraged states to enact “red-flag” laws. The idea behind these “red flag” laws is that concerned family members can ask the police to take a relative’s firearms. Most red-flag laws remove a person’s firearms before the individual is represented by legal counsel in court proceedings. Sadly, these laws will allow confiscation without providing mental health treatment. For the last two decades, some states have had mandatory background checks and mental health laws that allowed involuntary confinement and firearms confiscation.  Senator Masto didn’t mention that those states did not reduce their rate of suicide.

Pennsylvania- Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman has said a lot about gun control. He wants to ban modern rifles. As a US Senator, Fetterman would outlaw both the sale of modern rifles and the possession of existing guns. He doesn’t say how he would remove the 25 million modern rifles that are owned by the public today. He also doesn’t say how disarming honest citizens will stop criminals and the few people who commit mass murder in order to receive worldwide publicity. He wants to make the rest of the US have the gun-control laws found in California, the state which recently had the most mass murders.

Wisconsin- Senate candidate Mandela Barnes pushed for background checks and red-flag laws. After the attack by ISIS terrorists at a concert in France, Barnes said that people who believe in “God, country, and guns is as dangerous of a rhetoric here as it is over there.” Lieutenant Governor Barnes supported a ban on homemade firearms, bans on modern rifles, and made firearms manufacturers and distributors financially responsible for the actions of criminals who use a gun. Barnes also proposed to ban ammunition magazines that hold more than 20 rounds, though President Biden proposed to lower that limit to 8 rounds. Barned does not say how this would affect the millions of people who legally use a firearm in self-defense each year. Mandela Barnes is endorsed by the Giffords gun-control group.

Utah- Evan McMullin is an independent candidate for the US Senate. His campaign brochure proposed more “sensible gun-safety legislation.” It is hard to tell what that means beyond the fact that McMullin encouraged Utah Senator Mike Lee to follow the example of Senator Mitt Romney and vote with Democrats to move more gun-control legislation through the Senate. McMullin was a CIA operations officer until 2010. McMullin’s previous political experience consists of running against President Donald Trump as an independent in 2016.

Michigan- Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer said we need more gun control. She did not explain which of the existing 23-thousand gun-control regulations failed when a teenager stole his father’s gun and murdered his classmates in a Michigan Highschool. Some county clerks and police departments in Michigan stopped processing firearms applications after 2019. Some counties imposed over a year’s delay in processing the state-required paperwork. Whitmer vetoed legislation that would require government officials to process firearms-related permits during “emergencies”. Whitmer called “gun violence” a public health emergency. She did not explain how most counties will not have a murder of any kind, yet more than half of our murders occur in just 2 percent of our counties, mostly in our failing cities.

New York- Governor Kathy Hochul has little use for armed citizens other than as her security guards. Hochul said, “This whole concept that a good guy with a gun will stop the bad guys with a gun, it doesn’t hold up. And the data bears this out, so that theory is over.” She ignores the 1.7-2.5 million times an armed citizen uses a firearm for legally justified self-defense. She called for and signed the sweeping new gun-control bills that made most of New York state into a “gun-free” zone. Somehow, Governor Hochul ignored the fact that mass murderers prefer “gun-free” zones.

Massive amounts of gun control have been tried for decades. We are told that that mountain of laws didn’t stop violent crime, but the next gun-control law is sure to work. After missing the target 23-thousand times, I’m skeptical that the next gun-control law will work any better than the rest. Do Democrat gun owners believe that?

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