Defensive Pistol Competition with Carry Guns Only

Defensive Pistol Championship for Carry Guns Only on Shooting USA
Defensive Pistol Championship for Carry Guns Only on Shooting USA
Shooting USA
Shooting USA

Nashville, TN -( Shooting USASmith & Wesson IDPA Back Up Gun Nationals

It’s the match limited to the guns people actually carry, 5-shot revolvers and small autoloaders. The defensive scenarios are creative and challenging on the S&W Indoor Ranges in Massachusetts. And it’s the best possible practice for a real-life emergency. Plus, the 1873 Single Action Army is one of History’s Guns. And Colt relaunches the company and the new guns now focused on serving civilian customers.   

Shooting USA’s Impossible ShotsGeorge the Card Cutter

George Sutton chooses the most common target for exhibition shooters – Playing Cards.  Mr. Flintlock says they’re handy, you can carry them in your pocket in case you need to perform a trick shot at the Supermarket. Then Micah McMillan chooses the next most common target – Golf Balls, but this time he’s intentionally missing with his shotgun and that turns out to be an Impossible Shot.  Julie Golob hosts this edition of Impossible Shots.

A New Colt! The American Firearms Manufacturer Re-Launches the Company on Shooting USA
A New Colt! The American Firearms Manufacturer Re-Launches the Company on Shooting USA


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New Format at Bianchi Cup

It’s the most prestigious and richest shooting tournament in the world, and it’s changing. NRA Bianchi Cup competitors will still shoot the four main courses of fire, but the top 16 competitors will shoot them again in the Championship Round to determine the winner. Our crew will be there to cover the action in Columbia, Missouri. Stay tuned for live coverage on social media, and on TV in the coming weeks!

Lessons from the Pros

Three days of handgun training in Las Vegas with Max Michel means the Pro Shooter Experience is here! A couple dozen people from across the world are signed up to take in the lessons and fun from Max, Travis Tomasie and JJ Racaza. We’ll find out what the Pro Shooter Experience is all about. Stay tuned!

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Defending the 2nd by Example in the 23rd Year

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