Customize Remington or Savage with Marc Sport Rifle Chassis


The Marc Sport partnered with a Remington action. (Photo: Jeff Wood/

Modern chassis systems in the precision rifle community have slowly overtaken traditional, wooden rifle stocks. Despite the beautiful aesthetic and relevance of a wooden stock, the technological advances in the precision rifle push more and more shooters towards the modern system. Enter the Marc Sport Rifle Chassis by Graham Brothers Rifleworks – a division of Yankee Hill Machine – an interesting chassis built to give competitive shooters and gun owners an advantage.

First, What is a Chassis System?

A chassis system essentially serves the same purpose as a rifle stock, but the difference between them is quite stark. Stocks are generally made of wood or a synthetic material like glass-filled nylon. Rifle chassis are almost uniformly manufactured from non-organic materials such as aluminum, plastics and even from cutting edge composites like carbon fiber.

Rifle chassis bring modularity, customizable options and other modern conveniences to the user’s rifle — as providing one of the most important foundations for precise shooting, a rigid and firm structure from which successive shots can be launched with meticulous control. Naturally, modular rifles like the AR-15 have been gleaned over and some of their best features have been merged into precision rifle chassis.

The Marc Sport – The Good


(Photo: Jeff Wood/

YHM has long been a manufacturer of AR-15s and component, so it seems natural the company would branch out to offer similar parts for precision rifle chassis. Starting with the ever-popular Remington Model 700, a model long enjoyed as the one to use for custom rifle builds, the Marc Sport also expands its repertoire to the Savage Long and Short actions. Likely, Howa, Tikka and other models will follow suit in the future.

The Marc Sport comes as just the heart of the chassis, using an AR-15 style buffer tube in the rear allowing users to easily attach any buttstock made for the AR-15 family of rifles. The modular design allows the owners to configure the chassis to their liking, an ownership feature that many gun enthusiasts are quick to take advantage of. The chassis also opts for AR-15 patterned pistol grips — pick and choose from the bountiful variety of grips to fit your hand and shooting needs.

Though it attaches different, the handguard of the MARC Sport is similar to an AR-15 free-float handguard with the ability to add most accessories you’d need for competition shooting. The handguard features M-LOK slots on all eight facets for accessories like bipod mounts, cartridge quivers, support bags or tripod interfaces. The handguard attaches via four screws along the center of the chassis while steel thread inserts assure durable strength over time. It also features QD sling cups at the front and rear of the handguard tube.


(Photo: Jeff Wood/

The features don’t stop there with the Marc Sport offering threaded mounting holes along the bottom of the fore-grip area for a tripod mount or YHM Arca Swiss rail. The chassis accepts AICS pattern magazines, all of which work well in my experience.

The Marc Sport chassis accepts both right- or left-handed actions, featuring a small adapter plate that screws in place. The plate is mounted over the unused bolt handle recess on either the right or left side.

The Marc Sport – The Gripes

The only gripes I have with the Marc Sport come down to its mag release bar and handguard. The system would benefit from a slightly longer mag release bar or at the very least a wider one. Either option would give the user better purchase when stripping a magazine from the chassis.

Additionally, the handguard is a little too intrusive in the objective area of the scope. Its current construction prevented me from installing the sunshade on my scope. Though this isn’t a make or break deal, it is one you may want to note.

Trying the Marc Sport Out


(Photo: Jeff Wood/

I tested the Marc Spot alongside my little, 16-inch 260 Remington. The two were a perfect fit with even my aftermarket trigger fitting splendidly into the chassis.

Using an intuitive, a thumb-shelf comfortably bedded in the right place and a comfortable contoured grip area under the center of gravity for carrying, the chassis’ rounded edges curve in all the right places. The Marc Sport also benefits from shipping with screws of the appropriate length to mount the Remington barreled action.

I paired the build with a Magpul buttstock which was convenient as they are readily available. The collapsible buttstock made the overall rifle more compact and easier to store. With so many great options out there, you can surely find one to fit your needs.

Final Thoughts

The MARC Sport chassis system is a perfect addition to competitive shooters’ arsenal. This chassis allows gun owners to pair their preferred rifle with a solid chassis and a great price. It does exactly what a rifle chassis should do – bringing a solid platform to the rifle that is user adjustable and customizable to fit individual skill levels and needs. To say that it has rekindled my love with custom Remingtons is an understatement.

The Marc Sport works alongside Remington Short and Long Actions as well as Savage Short Action Models GEN 3 10, 11, 12 and 16 and Long Action Models 110, 111, 112 and 116. The chassis is priced at $499.



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