Crucial Concealment Introduces New Stocking Dealer Program

From the makers of BlackPoint Tactical – Crucial offers the most adaptable, quick-ship dealer initiative available.

Blackpoint Tactical Everyday Carry Gear EDC
Blackpoint Tactical Everyday Carry Gear, EDC

Alpharetta, GA – -( Crucial Concealment, Inc. is proud to introduce its new stocking dealer program and will be selecting a handful of merchants who will receive an introductory opportunity to become a Crucial Concealment stocking dealer.

“Crucial Concealment was formed by the founders of BlackPoint Tactical as we strove to provide quality concealment solutions at a lower price point,” said Tyler Johnson, a Principal of BlackPoint Tactical.

“While BlackPoint Tactical produces a feature-rich, high customized, hand-made holster, Crucial Concealment offers a different value proposition to both dealers and consumers alike.”

Fast & Reliable Stocking

Using custom machinery and manufacturing techniques, Crucial Concealment is positioned to promptly handle any level of demand. Regardless of whether an initial or restocking order – we recognize the importance of delivery time – and that is proven by orders that can ship as quickly as 2 hours from being placed.

Value Priced Quality

Crucial Concealment holsters and accessories are intuitively designed and constructed through a new streamlined manufacturing process. From start to finish, these products are built using the latest in 3D scanning and modeling software. All molds are designed using Crucial’s precision specifications and manufactured using custom-built machinery. This industry-leading process efficiently yields high-quality products, so the cost savings can be directly passed onto stocking dealers and their customers.

Our Ethos

We are not a faceless company. We want you to be able to pick up the phone and know you are talking with someone who genuinely wants your business to succeed. Our product offerings embody the ethos of essential features and the functionality desired from a carry holster, all with a level of quality not previously seen from competing products in the same price range. Our customers can purchase Crucial products with confidence knowing they will deliver value over their lifetime.

For more information about becoming a Crucial Concealment stocking dealer, please contact Wade Pugh or a member of our sales team at +1 (770) 752-8592, or email


From the founders of BlackPoint Tactical, Crucial Concealment utilizes advancements in manufacturing automation technology to produce high-quality holsters and accessories at a

lower production cost. From start to finish, our products are designed using the latest in 3D scanning and modeling software to create simpler, more streamlined designs using the latest in injection-molded manufacturing processes. The result is confidence-inspiring products with a tested pedigree, with virtually no lead-time and a value price point.

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Black Point Tactical manufactures custom, hand-crafted holsters built upon the ideals of optimizing both comfort and concealment. Our products are meticulously designed from the ground up based on the field experience of colleagues with decades of US Special Operations experience and dozens of deployments to both permissive and non-permissive environments. We are honored that our products are currently chosen by numerous local, state and federal agencies, as well as various Special Operations elements, where they see use in some of the harshest combat environments and the crime-laden streets of some of the busiest metropolises.

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