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Wilsonville, OR -( Crimson Trace, the world’s most recognized and purchased brand of laser sights, takes another step in its ongoing efforts to offer first-class customer service by providing answers to these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1) Do you make a laser sight for my handgun?

The fastest route to discover the answer to this question is to visit and look under the PRODUCTS tab. Website visitors will find nearly 20 firearms manufacturers listed in alphabetical order, and under each manufacturer are firearm photos and additional information to help customers discover additional details on the more than 225 laser sights and firearms mounted lights Crimson Trace offers. Calling the company’s customer service center at 800-442-2406 will also help answer the question. Crimson Trace products can be easily installed on the firearm by the buyer.

2) What about batteries?

Crimson Trace offers Free Batteries for Life for nearly every product it sells. Customers need to register their product by mailing in the warranty card, or go online to or call 800-442-2406. This program offers a significant savings to firearms owners.

3) I don’t know much about laser sights, so how can I learn more?

Crimson Trace provides numerous online videos on it’s website that cover topics ranging from training with laser sights to improving accuracy and increasing personal protection. The company also offers a FREE educational DVD—The Lasers Edge. There are several excerpts from the video on the website and you can call the company for a copy or request one online in Contact Us.

4) Is there a place where I can inspect your laser sight products and learn more details on how they operate, how they attach to firearms, and how they appear down range?

Yes, Crimson Trace has more than 2,500 dealers across America that will be glad to show products. Trained range and store staff are also happy to explain how laser sights work (ask about Crimson Trace’s exclusive Instinctive Activation), and in many cases those dealers have ranges where customers can shoot firearms equipped with laser sights. Look for the FIND A DEALER tab on

5) Do you make more than one style of product?

Yes, Crimson Trace laser sights and lights are available in many platforms, including: the popular Lasergrips, form fitting Laserguard and Laserguard Pro, small and powerful Rail Master, laser sight and light combination Rail Master Pro, Modular Vertical Foregrips, Lightguard, Master Series with various woods and durable G10 products, and the Defender Series. Crimson Trace will soon offer the LiNQ wireless activated light and laser with controls installed in a replaceable grip for every standard AR/MSR rifle platform. Again, visit a dealer and learn the details on how easy Crimson Trace laser sights are to install and operate.

Crimson Trace is widely recognized as the world leader in establishing laser sights as standard equipment on concealed-carry and personal-defense firearms. For more than two decades, the Wilsonville, Oregon based company has provided gun owners and users with the largest selection of award-winning laser sight and tactical light products.

Full details are at or available by calling the Customer Service Center at 800-442-2406.


Crimson Trace, based in Wilsonville Oregon, is the acknowledged world leader for laser sighting systems and tactical lighting for firearms. The company offers more than 200 products and its award-winning innovations include: LiNQ, Lasergrips, Laserguard, Laserguard Pro, Master Series and Lightguard  –all with Instinctive Activation. The company’s product line also includes theDefender Series and Rail Master platforms. Crimson Trace proudly serves civilian, law enforcement and military markets around the globe.

More details are available at or by calling 800-442-2406.