CoreWare & AmmoReady Join to Deliver Integrated Point-of-Sale/Ecom for Gun Retailers

CoreWare & AmmoReady to Deliver Integrated Point-of-Sale for Gun Retailers
CoreWare to Integrate CoreStore Point-of-Sale with AmmoReady’s Cloud-Based Ecommerce Platform to Create an Unrivaled Omni-Channel Commerce Solution for the Firearms and Outdoor Industries.

GREENVILLE, SC – -( announced today that it has entered into a strategic partnership with CoreWare. The two companies will work together to integrate their cloud-based ecommerce and POS solutions. In addition, CoreWare will offer custom ecommerce website development for high-volume firearms retailers looking for specialized solutions.

“The combination of CoreStore and AmmoReady’s ecommerce platform is a game changer for the firearms industry,” commented Paul Angell, CEO of “Both solutions are easy to use, affordable, and effective in their own right. Together, they create a seamlessly integrated, end-to-end solution for hybrid firearms retailers at a much lower price point than anything else out there.”

In addition to developing native integration between both platforms, the two companies will also collaborate on joint sales, marketing, and customer support to create a
seamless customer experience. The combination of scalable, cloud-based solutions for retail and ecommerce, professional services, and available 24×7 customer support means that FFLs ranging from startups, to online-only, to independent retail, and national chains can start small and then scale, in-store and online, with zero downtime and no operational disruption. The combined CoreWare/AmmoReady solution can be easily expanded to include additional hardware and online integrations as sales increase or customers migrate off of complicated, expensive, legacy technology.

“The shooting sports industry is full of solutions that are overpriced, with outdated technology, and severe shortcomings in functionality. To stay competitive in today’s world, retailers need an affordable, fully integrated solution for both their brick-and-mortar and online sales,” added Aaron Weinstein, COO of CoreWare. “AmmoReady and CoreStore will provide more functionality than comparable, legacy solutions at a fraction of the price. The CoreStore POS solution is designed for retailers with single or multiple locations and works on any device including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. We offer support for EMV processing and have a built in acquisition & disposition module.”

Firearms retailers interested in the CoreStore + AmmoReady omni-channel solution, which is expected to be available late spring or early summer 2019, are invited to sign up for an invitation to the private beta that will precede the official launch. To sign up, go to or send an email to

AmmoReady.comAbout provides inventory and catalog management, customizable ecommerce websites, order fulfillment, and firearms dropshipping solutions for FFLs. Through a growing list of optional add-ons, the AmmoReady platform also offers turn-key integration with partners including, WikiArms, TaxJar, ShipStation, Credova, and GunBroker. To learn more, schedule a demo, or start a free trial, visit, send an email to, or call 800-566-8082.

About CoreWare

CoreWare specializes in developing custom web site solutions for various industries including Shooting Sports. The CoreWare ecommerce platform is targeted at companies that need a custom, high-end web site for high volume online sales. CoreStore is a cloud-based point-of-sale solution targeted at retailers of all sizes. Our vast experience in retail lends itself well to introducing a best-of-breed product rich in
functionality that is extremely easy to use and affordable. At Coreware we believe in providing only the best for our clients. To learn more about CoreStore, visit or email to schedule a demo or speak to us in person.