Cook County Sherriff: Assault Weapons Ban will be Enforced in Northbrook, IL

Black Rifles, Ar15 Assault Weapons
Black Rifles, Ar15 Assault Weapons

Northbrook, IL-( Cook County Sheriff’s Office in Illinois will start to enforce the Cook County “assault weapons” ban within the borders of the Village of Northbrook.

In May the Northbrook Board passed sweeping gun control ordinances. These ordinances included the banning of the sale and possession of bump stocks and enforcing the Cook County “assault weapons” ban. The so-called assault weapons ban would ban the sale and possession of semi-automatic rifles that can use magazines that hold more than ten rounds.

In the same meeting, the board passed an ordinance that prohibited patrons from carrying a gun concealed into any establishment with a liquor license whether the patron was consuming alcohol or not. This ordinance will make it almost impossible of for residents to go out to eat and carry a gun at the same time.

The local laws conflict with state laws, but according to Northbrook Village Attorney, Steve Elrod, home rule would make the new ordinances applicable and enforceable. Elrod made a case for the legality of the ordinance at the May meeting.

“The laws of Cook County are fully applicable within a home rule unit located within Cook County unless the home rule municipality adopts an ordinance conflicting with the county ordinance thus opting out of the applicability of the county ordinance,” stated Elrod.

The “assault weapon ban” is not just a Northbrook law. The law has been on the books in Cook County for some time, but Elrod states that the county has failed to enforce the law.

According to Cook County Sheriff’s Office Chief Policy Officer Cara Smith, the county did enforce the ban, but by determining if a confiscated “assault weapon” violated the ban. If it the gun does, then the Sheriff’s Department destroys it. The Sheriff’s Office does not actively look for violators. There is no plan to change their SOPs outside of the Village of Northbrook.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office offered to meet with the Northbrook Police to create policies to enforce the ban within the village. The Northbrook Police will notify the Cook County Sheriff’s Office of any possible violations. The Sheriff’s Office will take over the investigation from that point.

Before the June board meeting, the board gave citizens a chance to speak about the new ordinance. A majority of citizens spoke against the enforcement of the Cook County “assault weapons” ban. One citizen implored the board to fix school security instead of turning law-abiding into criminals.

“I want to protect our kids. Right now, anybody can walk into our schools,” said Boris Pazi who spoke in front of the board. “You really need to focus on that. Instead of focusing on the law-abiding citizens, let’s focus on trying to stop people who actually have intent to commit harm.”

Three people spoke in favor of the ban. All three think the ban will help prevent tragedies such as the school shootings in Parkland, Fl or Newtown, CT. None of these people went into detail how the ban would stop any of those shootings.

“I think you know how the community feels about this issue. They are saying, unequivocally, to you ‘please do something,” JoJo Hebl said in favor of enforcing the ban. “I implore you to do whatever you can and do it soon.”

Once the details get ironed out between the Cook County Sheriff’s Office and the Northbrook Police Department, the Sheriff’s Office will start to enforce the ban in Northbrook.

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