Contact the NRA About NOT Supporting Any Red Flag Laws


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Contact the NRA About NOT Supporting Any Red Flag Laws

Virginia – -( The NRA has taken a public position supporting Red Flag laws. This happened last year. To be fair, the NRA did want certain key things in those laws:

  • 1) A strong due process requirement and
  • 2) A requirement that the subject of the Red Flag law get treatment

and they should have added:

  • 3) That anyone lying to get someone “Red Flagged” would suffer **severe** legal consequences

Here’s the problem and why we need to get the NRA to walk away from Red Flag laws: NONE of the Red Flag bills in Congress, or anywhere else, have any of those protections! Red Flag laws focus on an inanimate object (firearms) and NOT the individual who may be the real danger to himself and/or others.

And how would due process be done BEFORE the guns are confiscated? Why just guns? What about all the other weapons that a person has access to – from poisons to kitchen knives to automobiles?

Since none of the bills have what the NRA wants, making them nothing more than gun confiscation disguised as “public safety,” there is NO REASON for the NRA to remain silent.

The NRA needs to stand up and strongly OPPOSE all Red Flag bills, in Congress or elsewhere, and they need to do so ASAP!

NOTE: We are NOT calling for anyone to drop their NRA membership over this, but the NRA needs to hear from us and they need to speak out against Red Flag laws loudly and clearly.


Here’s the video where NRA’s Chris Cox talks about support for Red Flag laws:


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As an NRA member, I urge the NRA to strongly oppose all Red Flag laws in Congress or state legislatures!

The Red Flag bills in Congress, including S. 7, do NOT have the protections the NRA said they wanted in such a bill: strong due process and a requirement for help or treatment for the individual. Plus, these bills focus only on guns. What about all the other dangerous things that a person has access to, such as poisons, knives, automobiles, etc.?

Because of the lack of those protections, Red Flag laws are nothing but gun confiscation schemes disguised as “public safety” and the NRA needs to come out STRONGLY IN OPPOSITION to ALL Red Flag bills.

Let me know what the NRA is planning to do about Red Flag laws, as I see them as a serious and very real threat to our liberty.

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