Choice Ammunition Expands Their “Cowboy Choice” Line of Premium Ammo

Cowboy Dan Swears by Choice Ammunition "Cowboy Choice" Premium Ammo
Cowboy Badwater Dan Swears by Choice Ammunition “Cowboy Choice” Premium Ammo

Montana – -( Choice Ammunition, manufacturers of premium, 100% hand-loaded pistol and rifle ammunition continues to expand their “Cowboy Choice” line.

Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS), with oversight of Single Action Shooting Society (SASS), is one of the fastest growing shooting sports in the country. The fun begins with old west costumes and “alias” names like Choice Ammunition’s own, “Badwater Dan” who oversees development and marketing for the genuine cowboy action line at Choice Ammunition.

Cowboy Choice ammunition has developed proprietary formulas that are extremely accurate and reliable with reduced velocities for cowboy action matches. The low muzzle flip and recoil still meet minimum SASS power factors in both pistol and rifle and are very comfortable to shoot. Cowboy Choice Ammunition also features their exclusive heat-set, HI-TEK Supercoat black, lead cast bullets. This coating totally encapsulates the lead bullet for an extremely clean shooting round, with reduced exposure to lead and particulate matter. These non-abrasive bullets contain no PTFE or MOLY and are safe to shoot at indoor ranges while preventing traditional “leading” of barrels, often experienced with cast bullets.

Creative, old west packaging is offered in traditional 50 round ammunition boxes as well as their 250 round “Wells Fargo” ammunition bags.

“Like everything we do at Choice Ammunition, we are truly bringing something special to this important segment of the shooting industry for folks that do not hand-load themselves,” said Jon Wemple, President, and CEO of Choice Ammunition.

Choice Ammunition "Cowboy Choice" Premium Ammo
Choice Ammunition “Cowboy Choice” Premium Ammo
Choice Ammunition Wells Fargo Packaging
Choice Ammunition Wells Fargo Packaging

The selection of ammunition for pistol and lever action rifle calibers is exceptional at Cowboy Choice- and they are adding items all the time, including the new black powder substitute loads. They offer round nose and truncated flat point bullets for flawless feed and performance, along with Federal primers. Many CAS participants load their own ammunition. However, Choice Ammunition offers an alternative to the industry for those that don’t “roll their own”, with the same consistency and reliability of passionate reloaders.

Choice Ammunition has become nationally recognized for other their premium, 100% hand-loaded ammunition in all of their lines, including; HUNTERS CHOICE, DEFENSE CHOICE, SAFARI CHOICE and RANGE CHOICE ammunition.

“With the evolution of premium firearms and optics these days, we strive to offer the third leg of that stool with our highly reliable, accurate and consistent hand-loaded products” Wemple said.

Choice AmmunitionChoice Ammunition can be contacted at 844-446-AMMO (2666) They have a dealer network across the country as well as sales through their website at