Chief Tactical Instructor Bob Prause This Week – Gun For Hire Radio #432 ~ LISTEN

Chief Tactical Instructor Bob Prause This Week – Gun For Hire Radio
Chief Tactical Instructor Bob Prause This Week – Gun For Hire Radio

New Jersey – -( Mr. Robert Prause (lovingly referred heretofore as “Bob”) is our distinguished Guest of Honor this week on Gun For Hire Radio! Bob is Anthony’s and Jimmy’s point-man for the Woodland Park Range tactical training classes, and Bob also does intensive one-on-one classes for the firearms aficionado.

From our “post-basics” Holster Draw classes up through our Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun specific, Urban Precision Series of training classes, Bob is integral in compiling the logistical maneuvers and critiquing students so that they learn proper techniques and retain the ability to employ the best practices, during simulated scenarios where any good-natured head-of-household, or even a seasoned Law Enforcement Professional, would be under duress.

Bob Prause is a former United States Marine and Veteran Law Enforcement Officer with over 25 years of experience. He brings a vast amount of “real world” tactical knowledge to the Gun For Hire Family.

Some of Bob’s prior assignments include Captain in charge of the Passaic County narcotics and violent street gang task forces. Bob also served 14 years as an operator and senior operator on the Passaic County Special Weapons Team (SWAT), serving in the capacity of point entry, sniper, sniper team leader, team leader and overall team commander. He planned and executed over 500 high-risk operations. Bob is a certified law enforcement firearms instructor, and he holds instructor certifications in submachine gun and precision rifle.

Police officers are intently instructed and dutifully dispatched in order to save lives, but they must also be imparted to grasp the inconceivable notion that every distress call comes with it the potential of being confronted with an armed response. As such, it was (and kind of still is in some places) that the general opinion, of many of the other officers and even the brass, considers the “gun nuts” to be on the fringes of the police department culture. Unfortunately, many law enforcement officers aren’t as familiar with the tools of their trade as they could be. A select few, will be challenged in the field on these merits and we hope that they will prevail without unnecessary injury, but Bob wasn’t satisfied with just being “proficient” in a yearly police department qualification, and so he honed his skills by seeking out others that shared his passion. Bob’s extensive knowledge and expertise is a result of his desire for a lifetime of learning, and it’s what has propelled him into the ranks of the professional marksmen of the NRA Certified Trainers. We are proud to have Bob Prause, and others with his remarkable character, such as Tom Giordano, Tony “Bones” Urena, Wayne Monico and Vlad Vaval, here for your benefit at the Woodland Park Range, courtesy of Gun For Hire.

One of Anthony’s original Gun For Hire tenets, exemplified by Bob Prause, is that you must take responsibility for your personal protection, and those of us that agree know that a highly skilled firearms enthusiast is poised to do so. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that the chips are stacked against gun owners in New Jersey, and it is becoming increasingly more difficult for you to lawfully protect yourself, your family and your personal property. “If you are tired of being told you do not have need for a 2C:58-4 Permit, please donate to the Cheeseman-Jillard case. Every dollar will go to defeating the Siccardi Rule and NJAC 13:54-2.4d-1.” The Cheeseman-Jillard suit is called “Support the Restore Carry to NJ cause,” and the GoFundMe page is and put in the notes on the page, “I am not an #SMP.” You can also donate to the cause by going to the CNJFO website link at: The Cheeseman-Jillard cases which were both denied at the State level are heading to the Supreme Court and they are just about $5,000 short of their goal to be able to fight the good fight for the rights of all of us! If you value those rights as an American, you should donate to the cause.

Are you a resident of New Jersey that feels like the criminals have more protection in the courts and from the government, than do the law-abiding citizens? Have you or your family been subjected to the unlawful directives put in place by the sycophantic Murphy syndicate, vis-à-vis his head henchman, goober Grewal? Do you want the “Law of the Land” to be the unequivocal and irrevocable, Constitution of the United States of America, which fundamentally (and automatically) dispels the pedantic meanderings of a carpet-bagging, globe-trotting, socialist outlander? There are several places you can now go to sign the petition to recall the New Jersey gubernatorial election. It just so happens that The Woodland Park Range in Woodland Park, New Jersey is one those places! Come on down to Gun For Hire and our friendly Concierge staff will get your information and notarize your signature. If you want to oust Murphy, you can access more details about the recall here:

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