Champion releases new products for spring

Champion adds new targets to its inventory, to include the Flash Clay, pictured above. (Photo: Champion)

Champion Range & Targets announced new products for the spring season, launching the Champion Flash Clay and VisiColor Adhesive Targets.

The Champion Flash Clay is a standard sized clay made of naturally-occurring forest product and limestone, designed so that it will not increase soil acidity levels. The Flash Clays provide positive reinforcement with its burst of powder on every hit. The new Flash Clays ship 90 to a box with a price tag of $14.95.

Champion is also set to release VisiColor Adhesive Targets with multi-color impact halos so shooters can easily track shot placement. Peel-and-stick backing creates an instant shooting range for customers virtually anywhere. Offering a wide range of target options — including 50 and 100-yard sight-in targets, silhouettes and bullseyes — the Visicolor Adhesive Targets feature a MSRP of $5.95 to $14.95.

“Champion’s products are a great way to improve your skillset. They’re perfect for both short-range and long-range precision shooting,” Champion said in a news release.

Both products will be on display at Champion’s booth at the NRA Annual Meeting in Dallas scheduled for May 4 through May 6.

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