Certified Used Guns and What Sets Them Apart

Beretta 92F Inox

This Beretta is a nice example of the quality of firearms that come through the Guns.com Certified Used Guns program. (Photo: Chris Eger/Guns.com)

Guns.com is leading the charge in phenomenal deals on great used firearms that are looking for a forever home through the Certified Used Guns program. Guns.com’s Senior Buyer Mark Sims discussed the advantages of the company’s initiative to sell not just good used guns, but great ones.

“There is more value in the Certified Used Guns and that’s because they are fully inspected by the professional staff at Guns.com,” he said, explaining that when used guns arrive into Guns.com inventory they go through a full checklist to confirm that they are operational, not in need of repair, and fully functional. Then they are put through a condition certification to determining what condition we would place them in.

Gunscom used gun checklist

Certified Used Guns in the Guns.com Vault are inspected and checked by professionals. (Photo: Chris Eger/Guns.com)

“So, you get the full inspection by professionals,” Sims said. “You get certified documentation based on that which really is something new to the gun industry in used guns, somewhat like a certified pre-owned car. That documentation can follow the gun and if at any point in time that you felt like that you might want to sell the firearm, you have that certified documentation that says at some point it went through Guns.com and here’s what they said it was operationally and conditionally. I think that adds some value to the gun, too, just for the gun’s history.”

Backing it up

While many shops or dealers can take a stab at inspecting or grading a firearm, Sims explained that a lot of what sets Guns.com program apart is that they stand behind their offerings with a 14-day mechanical warranty, something that is hard to find in the industry.

“Go shoot it,” he said “Go make sure it works. Go make sure it operates properly the way it should. And if for some strange reason it doesn’t, you’re covered.”

If in the rare occasion you have an issue, Guns.com has the customer support staff available seven days a week. Sims explained the support line is not your typical call center and is instead staffed with people who are not only familiar with firearms but love what they do, enjoy the shooting sports and are ready to take ownership of an issue. Further, that support is only a click or call away.

“It’s on the paperwork that we send and it’s also on the Guns.com homepage, top right corner, customer support,” Sims said. “You click on it and then you get phone numbers, emails. In no way, shape, or form are we not fully disclosing our customer support because we are very proud of that. That’s a huge service to our customers that we feel is important.”

Selectively picking from the best

The true hidden gem of the Certified Used Guns program rests in the nature of the way Guns.com’s buyers work. Eschewing poorly maintained guns, Sims explained, very few guns are brought in that aren’t in excellent condition to start with.

“We work hard at buying really high condition guns in the beginning but then we confirm that condition upon inspection and guarantee that for the owner,” Sims said. “Think about all the guns that you’ve owned that maybe you’ve only had the opportunity to go hunt with at one time or you bought it and you stuck it in the corner to the gun safe, or for home protection and never touched it again. And then you decide, ‘You know what? I’m interested in something’ else,’ or, ‘I didn’t enjoy that gun quite as much as I expected I would.’ Well, we are buying those guns every day, all day. And so just think about those used guns that are out there that are in fabulous, like-new condition, that you’re able to enjoy because they’re much more affordable the second time around.”

How affordable? Sims said the average difference between new and used models runs often anywhere from 20 to 30 percent, which can mean huge savings for smart consumers.

On the used gun side of Guns.com, there are not only lots of examples of firearms in like-new condition but there are also lots of rare and unusual guns or models that haven’t been made in many years. Guns that maybe you always wanted and never got around to buying or couldn’t find. Looking for a pre-loved Barrett .50 Cal? Got it as well as its smaller M99 .416 half brother. How about a classic Browning Auto 5 Light Twelve? Got em. A Colt Python? How many you want? Been looking for a Cogswell and Harrison Light Tout SXS? Look no more.

Cogswell and Harrison Light Tout SXS

A Cogswell and Harrison Light Tout SXS, from the Certified Used Guns selection inside the Guns.com Vault

“We make a point to intentionally search out for the rare and unusual firearms and we buy those guns when we see them,” Sims said.

Besides the individual guns purchased daily through the site’s “We Buy Guns” process, which includes a pre-labeled custom fitted box for firearms sent in for evaluation, Guns.com buys a lot of private collections, estate collections, and auction collections.

“And because of our process and how easy it is we’re able to buy a lot of those guns and we’re very fair in our pricing of those collections, customers are giving us high accolades in the regard,” Sims said. “They’ve all been extremely happy with our process and how it works.”

If you’re interested in buying a Certified Used Gun, check out the collection inside the Guns.com Vault.

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