Century Arms releases Russian Army Standard AK, goes Cold War mode on availability

Century's limited edition walnut RAS47. (Photo: Century)

Century’s limited edition walnut RAS47. (Photo: Century)

Florida-based Century Arms recently announced the availability of a limited edition, upgraded interpretation of the Red Army Standard AK-47.

The new RAS47 is entirely American made. That, and the addition of lustrous walnut furniture, differentiate this replica from otherwise true-to-original construction.

“While the Red Army Standard RAS47 is a rugged, reliable AK-47, that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful as well,” said Jacob Herman, Century’s director of business development. “We wanted to offer a special run of the RAS47 with the addition of high-end walnut furniture for the AK enthusiast looking for something special.”

The walnut-finish rifle is in limited supply, but Century will be using the RAS47 platform with other finishes too. Each RAS47 will come with Century Arms’ RAK-1 enhanced trigger group, a chrome moly 4150 nitride-treated barrel for durability and weather resistance, and a larger T-shaped magazine catch. All of the rifles are or will be, once in production, compatible with standard AKM furniture.

Century Arms is being a bit coy in not disclosing how many of these summer edition walnut-finish AKs are going out to their major distributors and dealers. They’ve at least published a price: $699.99.

For those who like the RAS platform but miss out on the walnut treatment, Century has on “coming soon” status a blond maple edition of the gun at $699.99, a Magpul MOE version priced at $799.99, and a Magpul Zhukov model, $899.99.

Purchases of guns made or imported by Century Arms must be done through a distributor or dealer.

Article updated at 12-noon EST on June 7, 2016

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