Celebrities Shoot Off In The Rage 100 Charity Event

Celebrities Shoot Off In The Rage 100 Charity Event

Rage Broadheads
Rage Broadheads

Field Logic Archery Targets
Field Logic Archery Targets

Superior, Wisconsin – Join Field Logic and some of the biggest names in bowhunting and archery on Thursday, January 8, 2009 at 7 p.m. in the West Lobby of the Indianapolis Convention Center as they compete in the Rage 100 Invitational, a 100-yard charity archery shoot.

Field Logic will donate $500 to the charity of choice for each of the 24 shooters. Their charity will be posted alongside their name during the event so that everyone will have the opportunity to see the various charities that will benefit from this fun shoot.

Each of the 24 celebrities will shoot their own bow (no target bows) with Rage broadheads. The shoot will be a total of four rounds and each archer will shoot five arrows in each round that they participate in.   They will be shooting at 100 yards at a 90 Meter FITA target.

Round 1 – Will be measured by the arrow furthest from the center.   25% of the field with an arrow furthest from the center will be eliminated from competition.

Round 2 – Will be measured the same way with another 25% being eliminated.

Round 3 – The top 3 shooters will advance to the fourth and final round. Normal 10-9-8 scoring will be used in this round.

Final Round – Final round will determine first, second and third place.

First place shooter will receive $5,000, Second place will receive $2,500.   Each participant will be given a dozen Rage broadheads to take home with them.

“That's a long, long way to shoot using unmodified hunting bows,” says the event's coordinator, Graham Ruppel, Scales Advertising Agency. “But that's the idea. Rage rear-deploying broadheads fly like field-tips and now the country's best archers are going to prove it.”

Rage has a unique design compared to other hunting broadheads. It's streamlined in flight, but on impact the blade's shoulders catch and a “SlipCam” forces the blades to slide back and deploy from the rear, rather than from the front as traditional expandables do. This results in fully deployed blades for huge entry holes, large wound channels and better blood trails – all of which expands a hunter's kill zone. Rage broadheads are available at selected archery dealers nationwide.

You don't want to miss this exciting competition.   Be sure to mark your calendar now. Join the fun and excitement.   Bring a camera.   Cheer them on.   Have some fun!

Field Logic, Inc., the leader in state-of-the-art archery targets , mechanical broadheads and hunting accessories, is headquartered in Superior, Wisconsin.   For additional information on Field Logic please write to 101 Main Street, Superior, WI 54880, call toll-free 1-800-282-4868 or visit the interactive Web site at www.fieldlogic.com.

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