Catch Huge Fish: Inside Field & Stream’s June/July Double Issue

The June/July issue of Field & Stream is on newsstands and the iPad now

June/July issue of Field & Stream
June/July issue of Field & Stream

Field & Stream

New York, NY -( Escape Routes: Want to enjoy your best summer ever? Load up your car with tackle and camping gear for an unforgettable fishing road trip. Field & Stream dreamed up 16 DIY adventures, all packed with amazing country, great food and out-of-this-world fishing. Page 45

  • The Meat Marathon – Top off the gas tank and fill the cooler with ice. The summer bite near the nation’s border in the upper Midwest is your perfect chance to pack the freezer full of fresh fillets
  • The ‘Bow Crawl – Fish, drink, repeat; it may as well be the Oregon state motto. There’s a staggering number of craft breweries, all just a cast from trophy trout-filled waters
  • The Lunker-Taco Trail – Bass and tacos: both are emblematic of central Texas, where big largemouths swim in the region’s many lakes and homespun taquerias seem to be at every corner
  • The Trash Haul – The stretch of the Mississippi River that splits Illinois and Missouri holds a bounty of trash fish in the American heartland. Carp, drum & bigmouth buffalo – just get ready for a hard fight
  • The Cat & ‘Cue Run – Of all the South’s defining characteristics, catfish and barbecue might be the most widespread. There’s so much fish to catch and pork to eat, you can’t go wrong

Dog Days of Summer: Now is the perfect time to get that puppy you’ve always wanted and train him to be your new hunting buddy for the fall season – and many more to come. Puppies may misbehave at first, but these little troublemakers come packed with raw hunting instinct. You just need to harness it. Page 57

Get Fired Up – How to Grill the Ultimate Summer Feast: With the exception of a farm pond or trout stream, on a summer day there’s no better place to be than in your own backyard with a cold beer and hot grill sizzling with wild game. Don’t believe us? You will after trying these recipes for Beer Can Rooster, PB&G Burger (that’s right, peanut butter & goose…trust us), Killer Kebabs, and more. Page 99

Sons of Santiago: A decades-long travel ban to Cuba has kept American anglers from experiencing some of the best flats fishing in the world. Now, anyone can party in Havana, tour Hemingway’s home, and chase bonefish, tarpon, and permit in an unspoiled tropical wilderness. Page 81

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