Carving Halloween Pumpkins that Special, Ballistic Way:

Pumpkin G19 Glock Halloween

It doesn’t have to make sense. (Photo: Chris Eger/

You know what time of year this is, so don’t be surprised that the gun channels with the pumpkins haven’t passed you by!

As Hickok45 is now in his 11th year of getting to the heart of the Jack-o-Lantern matter, he leads the pack with a little offhand carving via a WWII-era Colt M1911 Government Issue

Meanwhile, in Colorado, Dragonman rides up in the HMMV and breaks out a half-dozen new machine guns– because Dragonman– against a legion of tannerite-stuffed pumpkins. And yes, they have two new select-fire SCARs!

Next up, from California comes Edwin Sarkissian and his S&W .500 Magnum ripping through stacks and stacks of the humble Halloween period squash

Daniel Defense made sure to contribute their efforts to help control the rampant pumpkin population.

And just to remind you that airguns are not toys, American Airgunner does some pellet carving on full-auto.

Vets & Horror Movies

If this time of year has got you itching for some horror movies, a new thing that popped up this week is a series by our friends Mat Best and the Black Rifle Coffee/Full Mag crew, where they react to such films and answer the question of how they would be different if a Vet was plunged into a horror movie in place of a more traditional scream queen.

Enjoy and grab some popcorn!

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