Canada | CBC Gun Control Expert says Bill C-71 is a Gun Registry

Firearms Gun Registration
Firearms Gun Registration

Canada-( After Justin Trudeau and Ralph Goodale went to extreme lengths to assure gun owners that Bill C-71, The Firearm Owners Harassment Act, is not –– repeat not –– a gun registry, it seems not everyone got the memo.

Francis Langlois, the CBC’s self-described “gun control expert,” shot down the government’s claim about Bill C-71.

“While the registry might help police and government keep track of a firearm’s first owner, it can’t do much else,” said Francis Langlois, a history professor at CEGEP Trois-Rivières, who studies firearm issues in the United States.

Langlois said the proposed registry is inefficient because officers would still have to go to court to obtain a warrant for the information.

“If the police [are] in a hurry, they won’t be able to work rapidly, he said. The registry would also only show new purchases, Langlois said, not firearms that people already own.”

Finally, the CSSA and CBC can agree – Bill C-71, The Firearm Owners Harassment Act, creates a gun registry. Their own gun control expert confirms it.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson welcomed “proposed legislation that aims to tackle a growing problem with gun violence.” Except Bill C-71 does no such thing. Not a single line of the legislation focuses on violent criminals or their misuse of firearms. The legislation adds layer upon layer of restrictions to licensed, law-abiding firearm owners, then creates new firearm classification categories (Section 12(9) to 12(14)) to implement future gun bans.

Liberal logic on gun control goes like this:

  • Leave violent criminals alone.
  • Harass licenced, law-abiding firearm owners.
  • Pretend we’re doing something useful.

It makes perfect sense –– if you lack the capacity for rational thought.

It makes perfect sense –– if you lack the ability to focus on the source of the problem: violent criminals, drug dealers and gangs.

It makes perfect sense –– if your goal is to be seen doing something instead of actually solving the problem of gangs, drug dealers and the violence they leave in their wake.

It makes perfect sense –– if you do not care how many tax dollars you waste with your attack on Canada’s safest members of society to claim you “did something” while do nothing to solve the gang violence in our cities. Not a single measure in Bill C-71, The Firearm Owners Harassment Act, deals with violent criminals.

Here are seven questions the Liberal government refuses to answer:

  1. Businesses are forced to keep a record associating an individual person to an individual firearm. How is this not a gun registry?
  2. Which section of Bill C-71, The Firearm Owners Harassment Act, grants legislative authority to the RCMP to prohibit or restrict firearms?
  3. Where is the evidence proving the current 5-year background check fails its public safety objective?
  4. What are the criteria for the Licence Verification to be approved or denied?
  5. Please provide a list of all cases where public safety was harmed by the current Authorization to Transport conditions of: to/from a Gunsmith, to/from a gun store for Appraisal or Sale, to/from a Gun Show or to/from a Border Point.
  6. Why, after the RCMP’s long history of incorrect firearm classifications, has the power of our elected officials to correct mistakes made by the unelected and unaccountable RCMP been removed?
  7. Was a cost/benefit analysis completed on the implementation of Bill C-71, The Firearm Owners Harassment Act? If so, what did this analysis conclude?

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