California: Fight the Firearms Component Ban

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Firearms Policy Coalition
Firearms Policy Coalition

Sacramento, CA -( One of the craziest—and one of the scariest—bills is moving forward as of last Friday.

Assembly member and former police officer Mike Gipson (D-Carson) is pushing AB 1673, his bill that would define things that ARE NOT firearms AS firearms.

AB 1673 re-defines “firearm” to include “…a frame or receiver blank, casting, or machined body, that is designed and clearly identifiable as a component of a functional weapon”

A frame can include a block of aluminum or a sheet of metal.

And it would have to be purchased by going through the “proper channels.” Failure to do so could result in jail time.


Yes, Assembly member Gipson literally wants to incarcerate you for buying and selling pieces of aluminum or sheet metal that aren’t cataloged by the Department of Justice.

Think of the new crimes that you and your loved ones can face prison time for:
Possession of a “blank” in a “gun free zone”

  • Brandishing a “receiver blank”
  • Unloaded open carry of a “casting”
  • Failure to wait 10 days to “cool off” after acquiring a “machined body”

Stop This Insane Bill

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

Welcome to the California State Legislature. The Kafkaesque world where the crazy is sane.

But we’ve defeated this kind of knee-jerk insanity before. And we can defeat it again — if you stand with us and FIGHT BACK.

Please sign our petition to oppose AB 1673 and ask your friends and family to do the same.

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