Browning Transitions and X-Bolt Win Best of the Best

Browning Transitions and X-Bolt Win Best of the Best.
Field and Stream magazine honors two of Browning's leading products.

Browning's – The Best of the Best
Browning's – The Best of the Best

Each year Field and Stream magazine takes the best of the new year's hunting and outdoor products and puts them through the torture test to determine “The Best of the Best.” These products rise above the others in innovative design, quality, and functionality. And of course, they have to live up to the demands of real hunters who, in this case, are the picky, hard hunting, almost fanatical editors and staff at Field and Stream magazine. Well, the results are in and the winners of this extraordinarily grueling competition are detailed in the September 2008 issue.

For us in the industry it is apparent that simply being in the test is an achievement on its own, because not everyone gets past the first review. But in the end, Field and Stream took a close look at almost 500 entries divided into 11 categories. In the end Browning got the ultimate recognition in two of the categories, clothing and rifles.

Best of the Best: Browning Transitions Series Apparel. The editors outlined a very tough set of criteria in this category. They first complained how this year's turkey season was uncommonly cold, wet and in need of clothing that could adjust to the weather, on the go, and do it right. They considered most layering systems too complicated or ineffective. But not Browning's Transition Series.

According to Test Team captain, Field and Stream Editor Keith McCafferty, “You won't need to assemble layers piecemeal anymore. I tested the Transitions Series compression shirt and pants for next-to-skin comfort, fleece pants and jacket for warmth, and the shell for protection from rain — and was comfortable as the day went from cold to hot, wet to dry.”

For more details on the Browning Transitions Apparel look under clothing on or click here for a more detailed overview and an interview with the Browning Transitions designer, Mark Francis.

Best of the Best: Browning X-Bolt Rifle. Test Team captain David E. Petzal is known for his critical eye and knowledge of rifles. He and the other testers — John Blauvelt and Joseph V. Caccamo called the selection of guns tested this year as “rich and yeasty. There conclusion, “don't think of this a restyled A-Bolt. This is a new firearm.” One key feature that put the X-Bolt at the top of its class is “the Feather Trigger which broke at 3 pounds even and had a terrific pull, was consistent to a degree I had not seen before in a factory rifle.” The final compliment from the testers: “There is a new sheriff in town.”

The X-Bolt is available in walnut and composite models in calibers ideal for everything you are hunting: deer, pronghorns, elk, moose . . . any North American big game. To read more on the Browning X-Bolt and about its Award Winning features and accuracy click here.

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