New Gun Products For January! New Gun Products For January! – -( As a load of new and exciting products for the gun and shooting fans in your family. Here is a brief run down of some of the hot item from for January.

Machined steel compensator employs a simple, open-topped design that directs combustion gases upward to virtually eliminate muzzle rise and felt recoil. Allows fast, accurate follow-up shots in semi-auto mode and superb control in full auto. Based on an original design by Greg Carlson, a dedicated Class 3 shooter, for use on machine pistols, the Flash .223 is exceptionally effective on carbines and short-barreled AR-15/M16 rifles. Two large, longitudinal ports vent gas upward at roughly 45º angles to counteract upward force on the muzzle without directing concussion and noise back at the shooter, so a rifle equipped with the Flash .223 is no louder than one with a standard A2 flash hider. Solid bottom prevents kicking up dust signature when shooting prone.

SPECS: Steel, Parkerized, matte black. 2” (5.1cm) long, .906” (2.3cm) O.D. Fits AR-15/M16 rifles and carbines in .223/5.56mm with ½-28 tpi threaded muzzle.

Easy-to-use cleaning tool helps remove accumulated powder residue, grease, and carbon from AR-15 lug recesses. Helps ensure secure bolt lockup, reliable cycling, and consistent accuracy. Simply remove the bolt, bolt carrier, and charging handle, and insert the tool with the disposable cotton cleaning tip retracted into the protective sleeve of solvent-resistant Delrin®. When the sleeve bottoms out on the barrel extension, push a little farther to expand the cleaning tip in the lug recesses, rotate the tool several times, and remove. Also perfect for cleaning the barrel extension face. May be used dry or with your favorite bore cleaning solvent.

SPECS: Stainless steel & Delrin. 11½” (29.2cm) long. Includes 50 cotton cleaning tips.

Extended magazine release button further advances the concept of Wilson’s popular Tactical Magazine Release with fully machined construction from high-grade steel barstock for exceptionally smooth, consistent operation. Deeply checkered button gives you solid, no-slip thumb contact and is 1/16″ longer than standard, mil-spec button to give you extra leverage. Ensures you drop the magazine fast, on the first try, every time. Available in hardened carbon steel with a uniform, matte blued finish or natural-finish stainless steel.

SPECS: Carbon steel, blued, matte finish, or stainless steel (SS), satin finish. Mag catch only, no lock or spring. Gunsmith fitting recommended.

<a href= CMMG AR-15/M16 .22 LR CONVERSION KIT
Drop-in .22 LR conversion system comes fully assembled and ready to install in any semi-auto AR-15 to help you practice critical shooting skills with economical rimfire ammunition. Concentrate on improving grip, sight alignment, trigger pull, and other skills without burning up expensive, centerfire ammo. Installs in seconds and requires no gunsmithing or permanent alterations to your rifle. Uses your gun’s factory upper receiver, barrel, fire control system, buffer, and spring. Simply replace the bolt and carrier with the conversion unit, load up the included magazine with high-velocity round-nose .22 LR ammo, and you’re ready to shoot. Precision machined from high-grade steel to the highest standards of workmanship for proper function in any mil-spec .223/5.56mm rifle or carbine. Every unit is test fired by the manufacturer before leaving the factory to ensure correct fit and function. Comes with one 26-round or one 10-round full-body magazine; conversion unit also available alone, without mag. Magazines molded from impact-resistant, “smoke” gray translucent polycarbonate that lets you see how many rounds are in the mag. Self-lubricating anti-tilt follower and constant-force spring help ensure reliable feeding. Follower also acts as a bolt stop after last round is fired. Additional magazines available separately, including short-body 15-round magazines that are same size as most .223/5.56mm 20-round magazines for shooters who prefer a shorter magazine.

Check out the video demonstration of the CMMG .22LR Conversion Kit.

SPECS: Receiver Insert – Steel, Parkerized, matte black finish. Designed for high-velocity, round nose .22 LR ammunition only. For semi-auto AR-15 rifles and carbines only. Magazine – Injection-molded polycarbonate, Smoke. 26- or 10-round capacity. Additional 26-round magazines available in Smoke, Black, and Clear; additional 10-round magazines in Smoke only; 15-round magazine available in Smoke and Black.

Low-profile accessory mount attaches to underside of receiver in front of triggerguard for ultra-secure mounting of tactical lights and laser aiming devices. Gets light/laser close to the bore axis for accurate aiming, with controls in easy reach of support hand. Four precision machined slots accept any accessory designed to fit a MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail. Beveled and dehorned for snag-free operation; extends only ¼” below frame to allow easy fit in any holster designed for use with light/laser-equipped pistols. Available in blued carbon steel, matte gray stainless steel, or extremely lightweight aluminum with matte black anodized finish. Mounts using three super-strong, heat-hardened hex-head screws; drilling and tapping of frame required.

SPECS: Steel – Carbon steel, blued, or stainless, matte gray finish. 1.3 oz. (36g) weight. Aluminum – Anodized, matte black. .4 oz. (12g). All models 2.18” (5.5cm) long, .835” (2.1cm) wide. Extends approx. ¼” (6.4mm) below frame when installed. Drilling and tapping of frame required. Includes mounting screws, hex wrench, and instructions.


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