Brigand Arms launches lightweight Carbon Black Grip

The Carbon Black Grip with optional grip strip grants a more tactile feel. (Photo: Brigand Arms)

Brigand Arms introduces its new Carbon Black Grip, designed for shooters needing to lighten the load.

The Carbon Black Grip tips scales at 1.9-ounces reducing weight on already light builds. Brigand Arms says it uses a titanium screw to secure the grip in order to achieve a lighter feel. Sporting a stable, tactile grip the Carbon Black Grip’s molded surfaces are created to support the palm, instead of the thumb web, to allow for a repeatable, consistent trigger pull.

The grip’s width creates a comfortable surface so shooters can put in long days at the range without walking away with sore hands. Its molded grip base is rigid with no milled or trimmed edges, eliminating concerns of splinters or wear.

The grip features an optional grip strip which adds even more traction to the design.

Though the Carbon Black Grip has officially debuted, Brigand Arms says the initial demand has pushed availability out four to six weeks. The new grip retails for $99.

The grip is intentionally engineered to err on the side of lightweight in order to reduce overall weight on rifle builds. (Photo: Brigand Arms)

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