Bowhunters Have Chance To Win custom Harley Davidson

Bowhunters Have Chance To Win custom Harley Davidson

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Bloomsdale, MO -( 2009's great bowhunting race for a custom Fat Boy Motorcycle. Drury Outdoors Bow Madness series ups the ante. Big-time.

In 2008, Bow Madness and the rocket-fast PSE X-Force took the world of outdoor television by storm, and in 2009, the Drury Outdoors series is shaking things up with the deep-down rumble of a custom Harley Davidson “Fat Boy” brought to you by Hadley Creek Outfitters. Every bowhunter in America who lets 'em fly with a PSE will have a chance to win this bad rig – it's the grand prize for the show's built-in grassroots competition “I Shot it with My PSE.”

With an estimated value well over $40,000, not including the blood, sweat and tears that went into it, the studly bike was built by brothers and Drury Outdoors Team members John and Adam Frank. It's chromed to the max, proudly emblazoned with the company logo and custom graphics, and signed by Mark and Terry Drury, along with the legendary Pete Shepley of PSE. For a chance to win, contestants must submit video footage of a successful animal harvest with their PSE bow. 12 submissions are picked and the clips are then posted on where America votes for a winner.

“John and Adam outdid themselves. They poured their souls into this bike, and it's a wicked work of art inspired by their passion for deer hunting, motorcycles and being a part of the Drury Outdoors Team,” said Mark Drury. “No amount of Mossy Oak can help you blend in when you're rolling down the highway on this thing,” he added.

With the motto “Our Videos are Different,” Drury Outdoors continually seeks new ways to engage its audience. Season one of Bow Madness blasted onto the scene with a fast-paced production style and 13 episodes packed wall-to-wall with heart- and string-thumping action. The “I Shot it With My PSE” contest challenged the bowhunters of America to test their skills for a chance to win a Bad Boy Buggy.

“This year's prize ups the ante big-time. We're proud to stand with our good friends at Hadley Creek Outfitters and offer the chance at this bike, and it's already garnering huge response from all who've seen it or heard about it,” said Terry Drury.

Brace yourselves and wax your bowstring America. The competition is going to be fierce.

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